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Changing the world

One person or animal at a time.

When I read the prompt for today, “How are you changing the world”, my first thought was that I’m not. I lead a quiet life, and there isn’t anything I do that could possibly fit that.

And then I saw this feedback from a session I did last night:

It struck me that I may not be changing the world, but I am changing things for individual people or animals. I had on my website feedback from sessions over the years like, “I am gobsmacked. He has really turned a corner. If he doesn’t have a setback, he’ll be nearly normal next week. I really thought I might have to put him down. Whatever you do, my friend, it is good works.” and “I swear we can give him meds and fuss over him and he doesn’t improve. You send him light and he’s better within 8 hours.” from Diane in the Midwest about her elderly horse.

Or Johanne in New Brunswick who wrote, “I had a great and powerful crying session. Felt my solar plexus burn with the surplus energy that was stuck there. Then: my second chakra. Woah. I felt it there. Very vulnerable, and yet powerful at the same time. Thank you so much!!” 

I love this; …you most certainly hold the gift of light … others have been sending and I have felt support and hugs but not the clearing and acceptance that washed over me from you.  You ARE a clear channel.”

This one was in-person for someone after a nasty motorcycle accident, and she was just blown away, as was I: It’s like taking the morphine and all those pain pills, but without the nasty side-effects! ” She also stated that she couldfeel her muscles moving!.

And from Stacey in England with cerebral palsy, Wish there was a way I could bathe in your healing energy.”  ”…as it makes me feel like I’ve been in a hydro-therapy pool.

This was from my mom, in New England, who is living with fibromyalgia, after a 30-minute distance session. I call her Scully when it comes to things like energy healing, so that tells you just how much this means to me.

Well, you know I don’t really believe in all this stuff, but when I woke up today, I felt lighter. Also my knee pain did not go away, but it is different and not as much, and walking is easier. All I can say is ooeeooee and keep on doing what you’re doing, cause even if I don’t believe, it still works anyway. I feel very different than I have been over the past month or so. My muscles are not tense. My head feels clearer, brain-fog-wise. I slept very well. I usually wake up a few times needing to move because something hurts. I guess you don’t need to believe or understand what’s happening for it to work.” 

So while, no, I’m not doing the big work like so many others are, I’m doing little work. And that suits me just fine.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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What Do I Like About My Writing

Bloganuary prompt #8.

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t like my writing because it’s not polished and perfectly content-oriented to achieve a goal like you see absolutely everywhere now. It all has a purpose, and I rarely do.

Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve learned to appreciate how I write. It took a long time, but I am who I am, and I write how I write. I’m very much off the cuff, off the top of my head – an idea pops into my head or something catches my interest and I want to tell everyone about it! I’ve discovered that I might have ADHD (not the H part so much, though), and that could explain the “Oooh, shiny!” aspect of how I write.

I also tend to go off on tangents, and use lots of parenthesis and ellipses…I love me an ellipse for some reason… but I manage to pull it back to my main point in the end. Most of the time.

Aside: did you know Katharine Hepburn didn’t seem to be big on punctuation and tended to use dashes in place of most of it? So I’m ok with my ellipses. 😎

And that, my dears, is a short and sweet prompt post!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

BTW, I spent today (Friday) sending light to a family with COVID. I wish I had a magic ability and could ‘poof’ make it go away, but I can’t. But I seem to be able to alleviate some of the symptoms according to people I helped in 2020. And that makes my heart sing. All I want is to help others feel better, and boosting their body’s innate healing ability is something that’s in my wheelhouse.

I’m here if you need me.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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A Bloganuary Hiccup

Haven’t been feeling well, and the 4th prompt, ‘what was your favorite toy?’, didn’t light me up, and today’s ‘what do you wish you knew’ didn’t either. I’m considering opening a book at random, seeing what word or phrase jumps out at me, and writing a post about that. I’m just not really feeling the prompts, but I still want to participate in the challenge of blogging daily, or as near as I can while being sick.

All the books I want to re-read right this very second. Almost all of them.
BTW, read The Heart’s Code; fascinating book about organ transplants and how they affect the recipient.

If the prompts aren’t really prompting you, are you going to find an alternate method to keep you going, too? Do tell!

I’d love to be of service to you, too! Check out what I do, and let’s get your pet scheduled!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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When I Left My Comfort Zone

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “write about the last time you left your comfort zone”, but that has to do with COVID stuff, and I’m already overly stressed about that, so instead I want to write about one of the biggest times I left that zone and how it changed my life.

I’ve written about this on my blog, but for those new to me, I’ll start fresh!

Photo by Madison Inouye on

For about two decades I worked on-and-off at a metaphysical shop. There were, of course, psychics and card readers, and I would get a reading every now and again. Numerous times I was told that I was a healer, and frankly, I thought they’d all lost their minds. I was anything but a nurse or a doctor; I could lend a great ear to those who needed to talk, but that wasn’t healing in my mind.

A little over a decade ago, an acquaintance got a card reading, we started talking about it, and he mentioned she had told him he was meant to be a teacher. Which he is was, and is. I blurted out the thing about being a healer, and he instantly said, “Oh, you are!” This, from someone I knew somewhat, but not really in depth.

Fine, universe, I get the message.

Amazingly, the very next day one of the readers came in limping. She’d wrenched her knee somehow and was in a lot of pain. When she went back to the reading room to set up for the day, I literally, and I mean literally, walked back and forth behind the counter, arguing with myself.

Let me preface what comes next by mentioning that not long after starting at the shop – about 9 years or so earlier – I’d been initiated (is that the word?) in First Degree Reiki. Hadn’t done a thing with or about it since, but hand placements popped into my head when my friend was talking about her knee.

So. I’m walking back and forth, arguing under my breath, “Go, ask her if you can help her knee!”, “NO, I’ve never done this, why would she say yes??”, “GO. ASK!”, “But what if nothing happens?”, “Just ask, already.”, for probably 10 or more minutes (I always say it was 1/2 an hour, but it wasn’t. I don’t think). I finally said, “Screw it” and went and asked if I could – putting my hands in a sort of Reiki-like position as I’m talking – try and see if I could help.

Instantly she said yes. Not a pause, not a hesitation, just “YES!” I will forever be grateful to her for that.

She sat down, I kneeled in front of her, placed on hand behind her knee and the other on the front, and…waited. Within a minute she began telling me that my hands immediately became hot (I couldn’t feel it), she was seeing purple in, as she put it, swooshes, like when someone is skiing and swooshing left and right, a key, and some other things.

Say what? I was floored, forgive the pun. About 5 (?) minutes after I started, another customer came in, so we had to stop. My friend stood up and told me that the pain was almost gone and it felt like there was a big brace around her knee, stabilizing it. And that the images she saw and the key meant that this was the path I was supposed to be walking.

I’m honestly not sure how I got through the rest of the day, I was flying so high!

The next day someone else mentioned a problem, I asked if I could help, got feedback, did the same the day after that…and we were off. Even people who said they didn’t have any intuition or psychic abilities mentioned colors or feelings, and almost everyone mentioned a feeling of calmness and release. The ones who did, especially the ones I worked with, gave vivid feedback including “it felt like angel wings inside”, or “like little dwarves hammering lightly on that spot, and then the light jumped over my head and into my heart”. And colors. Always colors. Lots of purples, but once is was ‘green apples’.

Then one woman mentioned connecting with her guru who lived in India during the session (say what?), and a few years later I was told by people in other countries that “we’d had a nice chat about what was going on” as I was sending light, sitting with my hands on my teddy bear, in New Mexico. No phone, no Skype, nada. So how….?

The fact that we are all connected really hit home when I was told this.

And that, my dears, is how I left my comfort zone and changed my life.

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I wrote about this a couple years ago, too.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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Holding Space As A Healer

In my last post, I mentioned that there may be a reason I’m needed as a conduit for Divine healing energy, and later that day I was listening to a podcast by Cardslingers Coast-to-Coast called Dealing with Hard Readings, and they were discussing holding space for their clients.

BOOM! That’s it. That’s what I do. I was in the middle of sending light or I would have jumped for joy!

I hold space as your chakras are cleansed and reinvigorated.

I hold space as grief and stress are released so you can move forward with your life.

I hold space as your pain is relieved, sometimes forever, and sometimes for a while.

I hold space for the Divine and your soul to work together to boost your body’s innate healing ability.


Much love,

Pip 🌻🙏✨

PS: all of this does apply to animals, too. They have many of the same issues we do, and sending light helps with that.

©Pip Miller – December 2021

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How Much Do I Need to Know About the Client?

I put out on Twitter the call for blog inspiration, questions you might have about what I do, and the amazing true crime blogger, Alice de Sturler, asked “how much do you need to know about the receiver?”

Excellent question! Though I must admit, I could have answered it easily in a Twitter reply, “Very little.”

While working in the metaphysical world for about 2 decades, I came across many “musts” about a myriad of topics, including “how to” do energy healing “correctly”. One “must” is that you need the recipient’s full name, and if possible, a picture of them. This one I’ve never understood.

I’m the conduit for this healing energy/light; it does not come from me in any way. So who is doing the work? The Divine/Universe/Spirit/Flying Spaghetti Monster…call it what you will, and your soul. They are the ones who know whether to accept the light or not*, and how to use if it they do.

So when it comes to sending light, that team is already in play, just waiting for the nod to get to work…sort of. I don’t know how else to put how I think it works, to be honest. As a result, when I’m asked to send to Dave’s brother’s friend Pete, Spirit knows who the person is talking about. I’ve sent to so many people with just a username to go by; I once sent to an entire family who was having stress issues, and I didn’t know a single name but the entire dynamic changed after the session. The ‘verse knew. And pictures don’t really help because I don’t envision the physical body as I’m sending.

I do think that by not really knowing who the recipient is, it helps me stand aside and let the Divine work through me. It takes my ego out of it and lets the work that needs to be done get done. I do know that in-person sessions kind of freak me out for that exact ego issue; I feel more like I’m performing than healing, so I much prefer distance work.

Sometimes I think that by saying I’m the conduit, people wonder what the hell I’m needed for and I’ll be honest: I don’t know. Maybe because it’s easier to ask a person to help than it is for some to make a request of the universe; maybe because on some level I am needed, I’m just not aware of my true role in facilitating the session…I don’t know. And I won’t pretend to, either. One thing I pride myself on is being truthful. Ask me a question and I will tell you if I know the answer, and I will most definitely tell you if I haven’t a clue, no holding back. If I can’t trust myself to be honest with you, how can I expect you to trust me with your deepest needs and healing?

I hope that answers your question, Alice!

Much love,

Pip 🌻🙏✨

*Rarely, very, very rarely, a session is requested and the recipient feels no change. After a moment of, “Oh, shit, what did I do wrong??”, I stop and remember that there are many reasons healing doesn’t happen, and even someone who thinks they want to be healed may not on a subconscious level for whatever reason. That’s why stepping aside and letting Spirit and your Soul take charge makes sure that what happens is the best for the client as there is no way I would know if it is or not. This situation has happened maybe a handful of times in 13 years.

©Pip Miller – December 2021

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Animals and Energy Healing

Hey everyone!

Every time I sit down to write, my mind becomes filled with everything that’s going on, and I lose motivation to post. We’re all having such a difficult time, aren’t we?

Photo by Wilawan Pantukang on

I haven’t been sending a lot of light to humans of late, but I have been sending to animals quite often. I love helping them! I always notice the difference in the strength of the energy when it’s an animal on the receiving end; they have no idea it’s going to happen, so there isn’t any prejudgment, nor are there any expectations. As such, I think they are more open to the healing than most humans are, even those who understand what it is, its limitations, and what can and can’t be accomplished with it. I think it’s because subconsciously in humans there is always something going on that can affect the results.

I charge the same for animals, and usually do a 30-minute session. Hit me up if your fur baby isn’t feeling up to par! It’s also great, as with humans, for stressed and anxious critters, too.

So, how have you all been doing? I’m certain I’m suffering from low-grade depression, with some days being more full-on depression than low-grade, and there are days I just want to find a cave somewhere and hide from the world. I try to be positive, but damn, it’s not always easy, is it?

What have you been doing to keep yourself going? OH! I have a pumpkin plant that my neighbor gave me, and it has, last count, 7 pumpkins growing! The vines are growing like mad, especially one, and it’s so much fun to see how big they grow daily. I thought I had a picture handy but I don’t; I’ll take one and post it next time!

I hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe!

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – August 2020

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Helping You Helps Me

My friend retweeted this TikTok video yesterday, and wow, it is SO me.

Photo by Christian Domingues on

The best way for me to get through stressful things is to send light. Yesterday and today it was to a wee little doggie who hasn’t been feeling good for quite a while. According to his valet, he’s been stressed and twitching in pain then as I was sending light he relaxed, smiled a little smile, and zonked out, peacefully.

Animals can get stressed and anxious, and the world can be sooooo scary for them, too, and the benefits of a peaceful nap and internal relaxation are beyond words. I hope you’ll think of me when you’re pets seem agitated! I would love to help!

Breathe. Slowly and deeply.

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – June 2020


Smoky Planning

It’s smoky outside today. There’s a fire in Arizona by Phoenix, and the wind has carried it all the way here. I remember one year when it was suddenly so smoky that everyone came out of the their houses into the street as we all looked to see what exactly was on fire. That time it was a fire in SE Arizona. It’s amazing how far wind carries things!

Yesterday my guy needed a particular date for a old medical visit, and I went and pulled out my Passion Planners from the last two years and easily found it. I realized that if I’d needed to search my Bullet Journal it would have been nearly impossible to find since I don’t use an index, so I got creative and mapped out a copy of the Passion Planner month and week set-ups in pencil in a new notebook (I’m almost through the one I have).

Cool, right? And doesn’t that sticker look simply gorgeous on that purple?

Then I made a mistake. I looked on YouTube. Chelsea Brown Designs has a video called “7 Planning Styles for your Passion Planner”, and I just had to watch it. I really like the Time Tracker method, simply because I don’t have a lot to plan, but do wonder just what the heck I do with my days! Thing is, my new set-up doesn’t extend long enough through the day, so I made a one page spread that runs from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

It doesn’t leave room for much else, so I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll use it ’til Sunday and see what I think.

I can’t wait to start adding energy healing appointments!!

Much love,

Pip 🙂

BTW, do you prefer a planner that starts the week with Monday, or with Sunday? And why does America start with Sunday? Don’t other countries start with Monday? Sunday IS part of the weekend, so Monday just makes more sense, I think.

©Pip Miller – June 2020

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How Are You Holding Up?

I’ll be honest: I had grand plans of cleaning the house top-to-bottom, decluttering like mad, doing stuff in the yard…and I haven’t done a thing. I have simply been exhausted, so very, very exhausted mentally and physically, that I pretty much either read or check Twitter for what’s going on. I’ve run exactly two errands since March 18th, and so am doing my best to stay safe in the midst of others who aren’t as safety conscious. It’s frustrating and scary. Dayna, of The People’s Oracle, posted this on Twitter:

This morning I’m think about men. Women’s friendships tend to be intimate, flexible, and resilient, making this moment generally easier for us to stay connected.

But what about men, whose friendships tend to be centered around activities.

Men, how are y’all holding up?”

Excellent point because the men (not all men, just the ones I know) are acting as if everything is normal, visiting friends and family, high fives, no 6′, no masks….

6′ people, SIX feet! GO HOME!

I’m still trying to make an income, and waiting to see if unemployment is ok’d. All I really want to do is just sit in the sun and send light to animals.

I’ve read through all the light romances that I have (I love Jenny Colgan!), and am now diving into my fantasy collection. Charles deLint FTW.

I’m being lazy, I fully admit it. I feel lost, scared, and almost incapable of doing more than shower, feed the critters, and sometimes eat. Someone going by Pastor Bae (@lyvonnep) tweeted today,

“this is not “business as usual.”

you are not a business.

you are not your busyness.

you are human.

we are human beings.

let us get back to being.

being is enough.”

That’s about all I can do right now. You? How are you handling staying at home?

Stay safe!


©Pip Miller – April 2020

PS: My mom posted this comment on my post, Social Isolation and Energy Healing:

“I’m the mom. Please donate. It works, what she does. Don’t know why, and as she said, I am the original skeptic and it worked for me each time. Kid has to eat, so please be generous.”

That made me laugh. 🙂