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It’s a Small Business Sale!

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Today through midnight November 30th (MST), three 30-minute sessions are only $50! Sessions are usually $30 per, and a package of 3 is $75, so this is a fantastic deal!

The three sessions can be spread out over 3 months (so until the last day of February 2023), or you can used them over 3 days or every other day; this is a great option for things like twisting your ankle or even to help with COVID symptoms (no, I cannot cure you of COVID, but I can help alleviate some of the side-effects). It’s also fantastic for pets of all kinds…critters LOVE receiving light!

Purchase your package here, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

With hope and love,

Pip ✨🐧

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Where Do We Go From Here

Now that Musk is nuking Twitter?

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Twitter has been home, even when it got dark and nasty and I wanted to run far, far away. I was never able to cut the cord, though. I have a locked account, with a select group of friends who are so dear to me that I could never face losing them, and then I have a public account, which I don’t list in the menu because it’s now mainly just rage retweets about COVID deniers and politics and other things that made me want to run away in the past.

The ‘hell hole’*, the ‘doomscrolling site”…I’m sure there are more nicknames I’m not aware of, but no matter what, we stayed. Because it’s the hub; the hub of news, organizing, advocacy, the disability community, black Twitter…it’s the place I go to immediately to get the news before it’s even news, especially about anything going on around town. And many are saying (I was one) that the destruction of the site is purposeful, to dismantle that hub, to send us all to the far corners of the internet and make us easier to manipulate and stonewall. Just look at who owns Musk, and you’ll get what we’re saying.

As such, Twitter has been filled with, “Find me here (x) if the site goes down!!”, myself included. I’ve joined Counter.Social, which has been the best decision I’ve made in ages. Soooo friendly, helpful, and it feels good. It’s NOT Twitter, so don’t go in guns blazing or promoting the bejeesus out of yourself right out of the gate; you’ll go over like a lead balloon. It’s a community, and there’s a helpful guide to tell you how to navigate the site, and the whole place is really, really wonderful. Think of Twitter when it was nice. Many have headed to Mastodon, but I’ve read enough about it over the years to feel it’s not a path I want to follow. I don’t have a paid account (the site is crowdfunded) on Counter.Social (CoSo for short), so I don’t have a landing page to link to, but you can search me under HealingHobbit there if you join**.

I also can’t seem to walk away from Tumblr this time around, something I wish had happened years ago when I used my favorite username (which I’ve lost on CoSo, too), because once you delete an account, that name can never be used again. *sigh* – It’s interesting how some sites will allow them to be, and others are a definite no. Anyway, I’m there as EavesdownAbbey, a name I came up with years ago based on Firely (natch), and finally bought the domain. Because…I really don’t know. I just did. (Thank you ADHD brain…I think) And before you say , “Isn’t Tumblr dead??”, no, not even close! It’s a huge site for neurodivergent, transgendered, and disabled souls, etc…I’ve found out more about AuDHD there than anywhere else. Add to that, Neil Gaiman is there, Lynda Carter (yes, Wonder Woman), Mary Robinette Kowal, Tor Books, and more, like NASA, Ryan Reynolds, National Geographic, and Wil Wheaton. The place is humming. And it’s run by the man who runs WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

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I’m also on Instagram. though that’s really to keep up with people who have left Twitter before now. I rarely post there. And someone snagged my favorite username, but doesn’t even post or follow anyone. Grrr. I wonder if I can talk him out of it…?

So if you’re looking for me beyond this website, that’s where I’m hangin’. Hope to see you!

OH!!!! Holy crap, I almost forgot! I changed the Retainer Plan. Instead of 30 half-hour sessions in 30 days, it’s 30 sessions whenever you need them, for as long as you want to spread them out (I’m thinking a year max), or the 15 hour-long ones for the same. I think that feels better than the smaller time container, and may help people feel better about hiring me using that plan. Fingers crossed!!!

With love and hope,
Pip ✨🐧

*Tumblr has long claimed the nickname “hell site”.

**If you join, know that you cannot, at any time, without creating a new account, change your username. Another something I wish I’d know because that same favorite username is now lost to me…Can you tell I’ve tried a LOT of sites over the years? 🀣


Gratitude and Uncertainty

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It’s a bit of yin and yang these days. Especially on Twitter. The purchase has left many heading for oligarch-free hills, myself included, while many want to stay and not cave in. My dilemma is that I dislike the who, the what, the thinking, the political leaning…everything about that man, and I want to cut ties. On the other hand, I love the site, I get my COVID and other news there, and most importantly, I have friends who aren’t on other platforms, or if they are, they’re platforms I don’t use. It’s a giant Catch-22.

I can’t wait for the election to be over, but at the same time, we’re in for another 2 years (or more) of this ever-increasing violence and deliberate fanning of the flames of hatred. All in the name of what seems like politics, but is, in actuality, about capitalism. Isn’t it always? All I can say is, “Gird your loins!” and watch your back. The yin/yang of the times is not pretty, but humanity has been through worse, and if nothing else, hopefully we’ve learned that we need to support and help each other. Without that, we’re lost.

I wanted to shift mental gears starting this month, and a friend who created an amazing ritual/hand-fasting ceremony for herself (with a hell of a twist!) inspired me to make it a big shift. I decided on a year-and-a-day of focusing on gratitude and being kind to myself. I almost went with ‘self-care’, but that overused phrase doesn’t sit right. More about taking care of ME for a change, sleeping when I’m tired (and am able to), eating better…yeah, being kind to myself. Doesn’t sound big but for me it is.

Which leads me all to the gratitude portion of this fairly rambly post: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you who read this blog, who have followed me through all my whinging and indecision over the years, who have hired me to help you or your beloved critters; without you I wouldn’t be able to experience the joy I get when someone sends me feedback from a session, the feeling of the energy flowing through my hands, the connections made through comments, etc. And it means everything to me. So again, thank you. I appreciate you every single day!

With much love and MUCH hope,

Pip βœ¨πŸ‚

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Does energy healing love me?

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I’m rereading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – again – and in it she writes that Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer (if you haven’t read – or better yet, listened to, so you can hear the Native words spoken correctly – Braiding Sweetgrass, do it. Do it now. Please. You’ll thank me later. PS: Hoopla, Libby, or Overdrive – all hail the library systems! – probably have it, too)

…anyway…Gilbert writes that Kimmerer asks her students if they believe that the Earth loves them. I say ‘no’, because we abuse the hell out of her, but Dr K says the Earth is looking for some give-and-take, a symbiotic relationship that Native people had always had with the Earth, where all can prosper. Gilbert now asks her writing students if they believe writing loves them, which is met with a resounding no and stories of how evil writing treats them. Yet they all still want to continue being writers. I feel that.

This all got me thinking about the energy healing I do, and if I think it loves me. And I think it does. Because whenever I help a being of any type feel better or ease their suffering, even just a bit, I feel amazing. I feel like I hit the jackpot of ways to spend your life, and I know that the energy/light loves me for being its conduit, and for guiding it to those in need of help. Because I may say that “I help”, but it’s not me. I just let the energy know who, and I send it their way. I keep, in a way, keep the energy focused, because I’m sure there are a zillion calls for help all day long, so I’m sort of saying (in my head), “There. Over there. Now stay on the path. Don’t wander off. No…back…come on…you’re almost finished…and, done! Well done, you!”

We have a great relationship. 😊

So if you’d like to make both me and the healing energy/light happy, here’s where you pay for a session! We’re just waiting to spread the love!

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It’s fall, and I’m off-kilter

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There’s a lot going on, and the early, cool nights, rain (YAY!!!), and relief from the relentless push of summer, has me just wanting to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I’ve been trying to come up with blogs posts, but I’ve run out of things to say about the work I do. Again. It’s frustrating because I know frequent blogging is essential for SEO. What can a body do, though?

Instead I’ve spent too much time, way too much time, on too many social media platforms: Twitter is a lot lately with COVID denial and politics; CounterSocial is cool and super friendly, but not a single person I know is on it; Tumblr for the pretty pictures and lots of ADHD and ASD posts; Instagram, well, the teakettle is still getting tons of likes (wtf?); then there’s blogs, websites, YouTube…the level of escapism from what I don’t want to do because I have not made a living doing what I want is at DefCon 1.

I’ve taken to quietly sending light to friends, family, and pets, and not pushing the marketing. I’m rereading some of the Discworld series (especially the ones centered around Death because he’s a favorite), put a bunch of books on hold at the library, removed apps from my phone to help me step away from being online constantly, and am trying to write more. In notebooks. Of which I have too many going at once. And telling myself over and over – and over – that I am NOT buying another planner for next year because I do not plan. Stop it already. Use the dang calendar hanging on the door. It served for decades and decades; step back from the planner trend, ok?

I’m trying to find my balance in this time of imbalance, and I don’t know about you, but it’s not going smooth. So for now I’ll just sit here in my fleece pajamas and my hoodie, listening to a thunderstorm on YouTube, and maybe take a nap.

I hope you’re all doing well.

With hope and love,

Pip 🐧

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Instagram Confuses Me

A week ago I post a short video, that went to Reels, whatever that is, and it has, as of this minute, 126 likes. How? Why??? Where are people seeing it that they are liking it? Sad thing is, not one view of the website. *sigh*

Here’s the link to said short.

Does this make sense to anyone? lol My teakettle is more popular than anything else. Bizarre.

With hope and love,


ETA: the video worked fine in preview. No idea what’s up that now you have to click on the link…

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October Price Change

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Yep, it’s time. I’ve run the ‘pay what you can’ for quite a few months, as well as 1/2 off the discounted retainer plan, but it’s time to go back to our regularly scheduled pricing on October 1st.

Sessions are $30 for a single 30-minute session, and a package of three 30-minute sessions is $75.00.

You can put me on retainer for the original $300 – thirty 30-minutes sessions in thirty days, or 15 hour-long sessions in 30 days. This is the best price of all, and it’s perfect for critters who are having chronic health issues and could really stand to have their pain and suffering eased. It’s also fabulous for humans, too.

All sessions are distance sessions, which means it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the light will find you. πŸ™‚

Sessions can be purchased here via PayPal or Venmo. I can’t wait to help!

With hope and love,

Pip βœ¨πŸ‚

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When Your Neurodivergent Brain Has Post-COVID Brain Fog

In my last post I wrote a big ol’ paragraph about the time change, and 24+ hours later (2 a.m. this morning -it’s 4 now), the fact that the advice (that does work) is for the March (MAKE IT STOP) time change, not the November one, slowly dawned on me. I know this, I really do…but for some reason something glitched, and I was certain enough to even tweet about it, too.

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This has been happening more than I like lately. For instance, bills: I’ve paid all the bills on the same day as rent for years. And any that are auto-pay are deducted in the check register (yes, a register – I have to see my finances) so I know where I stand for the month. But since we had COVID in July, the two bills that fall either at the end of one month or the beginning of the next are messing with my head. I just can’t get straight how to deal with them, even though I know it’s easy to do so, and that I did it for months before July.

Now I’ve always been easily distracted – I couldn’t take a purse to school because I would hang it on the chair and promptly forget it was there. Baked desert for an hour as a teen, and didn’t turn the oven on. And the more I watch Jessica’s ‘How to ADHD‘ videos, the more I see myself in many ways, especially since menopause (I also see some Autistic traits, too…neurodivergent buffet, anyone?). Cooking, oh, cooking…don’t leave the kitchen or I’ll come back to an exploded Pyrex pan that once held water and eggs, or a tea kettle without a whistle, burned right through. And the oven…if I knew how many times I’ve left it on, the number would scare all of us, I’m sure. But now, jeesh. An InstantPot, air fryer, and auto-turn-off electric tea kettle have changed everything, and without them, I’m not even certain I’d be able to cook. Even with them, I check the chart more than once to make sure I have the times and settings right, because if they can be done wrong, I’ll do it.

Laundry. I’ve done laundry on Sundays for years. Clean clothes for the week…nice. But during COVID, that schedule got screwed up, and now I completely forget to do it until I open my drawer and there’s no underwear. If I’m lucky, I’ll notice that there’s one pair left, turn around, grab a load, and wash it. Hopefully I’ll remember they’re in there (the washer and dryer are in the garage, but I remembered before, so…), put them in the dryer, set the timer, turn the dryer on, and all is well. Lately, though, I forget all of it. I’ll remember they’re in there hours later. And so many times I’ve gone out to find wet clothes in the dryer because, well…

And, almost worse than the rest, I’ve had to resort to setting alarms on my phone for appointments and sessions, because unless my planner is open and in front of me where I can see it multiple times a day, I won’t remember a thing. I remembered an upcoming birthday for two weeks because planner…and then again the day after. Completely spaced it the day of. Planner was in a pile, not open on my desk.

It’s scary. Out of sight, out of mind, easily distracted, is my norm, but double it and it starts to feel like the Earth has fallen out from under your feet, ya know? And with a new part-time job that is something I normally excel at, but that ‘at’ is being super organized and remembering things, I’m lost more times than I care to admit. The ‘glasses are on my head’ thing is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don’t know what to do about it except utilize all the tips and hacks I can find to get through this post-COVID life.

Is anyone else having problems like this – not just neurodivergent people? How are you handling it?

With love, hope, and a fuzzy brain,

Pip ✨🦩

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A Beautiful Moment

I asked a question of my Everyday Witch tarot this morning, and while contemplating the answer, it dawned on me that this card depicts me – as a conduit for Divine healing and light. I just sat there, looking at it with awe and joy. No, I don’t look anything like her, but you get my meaning. πŸ™‚

My phone washes out the colors somewhat, but it’s a beautiful card. The serenity and smile on her face are exactly how I feel as I’m sending light, helping to ease a being’s suffering. I wonder if it’s possible to buy a print of it, like poster size?

The rest of the day was somewhat less…serene…I’m learning something that’s way out of my comfort zone and wheelhouse, and every day I cross my fingers that I don’t make a massive mistake. Once I get it down, I’ll be able to use this knowledge elsewhere, but getting it down, wow. My brain was totally fried today after 3 1/2 days of concentration. It’s not something I really wanted to learn, but it’s necessary, so I am.

ETA: Ignore the 15 minutes…that’s for the March time change. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Fall has been in the night air all month long, and hopefully soon the days will follow suit. This heat. Jeesh. Speaking of fall, my yearly tip for the glorious time change back to Standard Time: start setting your alarm back 15 minutes each week, and by the time November hits, you won’t even notice the switch. Believe me, it works, and it makes a HUGE difference. We wouldn’t notice the shift if we didn’t mess with the clocks in the first place. I have my own little rebellion going by keeping all my personal clocks on Standard Time year-round, and only the kitchen clock is on the annoying Daylight Saving Time. Even my phone is Standard Time. Yes, I have to mentally add an hour to make appointments and things, but otherwise, time is as it should be. The sun’s on its last peek over the horizon, and it’s 6:15. Beautiful.

I hope you all are well! I also hope you’re all wearing masks, too, but I know that’s a pipe dream. I saw a couple with a newborn in the grocery store filled with unmasked people and I wanted to cry. The numbers don’t lie (even though they’re only data from PCR tests and not the untold number of positive tests done at home), and COVID is far, far from over. Please be safe.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: yes, my focus is animals, but I will always help humans, and I love helping those who have COVID or it’s after-effects. LongCovid, too. I wrote a post about it, btw. Don’t forget, all sessions are still ‘pay what you can’, except if you put me on retainer, which is half-price at $125 for 30 days of sessions. It’s a hell of a deal. πŸ™‚

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September and Planners and Light

I love September so very, very much! When I was a kid it meant going back to school, so the love was a little less, but the changing of the season and the gorgeous leaves of all colors (I grew up in New England) made up for it.

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Now September means the switch from unrelenting southwest high desert heat to cool nights and cool breezes. Heaven. It also means that suddenly the views of planner posts have gone up again! I’ve pretty much stopped searching for the ‘perfect’ planner, because one doesn’t exist for me, so I’m still using a Passion Planner (I purchase the outgoing year on deep, deep sale and redate it – they have become really expensive!), though frankly, as usual, there’s not much planning going on in it. I’ve never been much of a planner, tending to be more of a ‘go with the flow’ person, so appointments and light sessions in color-coded highlighter are what fill it. I think next year I’m going to do a simple two-page per month setup in a blank Artist’s Loft journal from Michael’s ($7.99), and then use the rest in whatever way comes up, day-by-day.

I mentioned in my last post that I was stepping away from Twitter for the month, and wow, what a difference it’s made in my mental health in just a few short days! I still keep up with the COVID information, but the ongoing terror about what’s happening in the US and the climate…that I don’t miss. And I’m sure my other half doesn’t miss the ranting I was doing daily as I read those tweets.

Yesterday I sent light to the entire planet and all who live upon it, and the dumortierite sphere I used was incredibly hot when I finished the session! And over an hour later it was still faintly warm! The distance sessions seem stronger, and I wonder if stepping away from the doomscrolling stress has something to do with it? Or has the Darkness grown so much stronger that the Light is working double-time to bring balance back? I don’t know.

Speaking of the sessions, I’ve decided to keep them ‘pay what you can’ (except putting me on retainer, which is half-price) because money is tight, and by making them more available to you, together we’re working towards me being able to support myself from home (an incredibly necessary move as my other half is needed more and more care). You can purchase a session here; just pay what you can!

I hope all is well with you and yours, and I look forward to helping your pets feel better!

With hope and love,

Pip ✨🌻