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A Bit of This, Some of That

Bullet point blog. 😉

  • So….still feeling off but managed to go into work yesterday. As the day got busier, I became more tired, and as today is the busiest day of our month, I opted out. Eating only popsicles and crackers doesn’t lend one much energy, suffice it to say.
  • It’s the 26th; there is still time to donate to my friend’s Avon 39 Walk, and I’m still happily #dryjuly -ing my way through life. Yay! I had every intention of saving what I would have spent on booze this month and donating it, but I’ve ended up taking so much time out of work that it all went to bills instead. I still have time, so next month I will donate.
  • As I look at the bullet points, I’m reminded of this blog post, Dear Blogger, that totally cracked me up.
  • What are your thoughts on newsletters? I have mixed feelings: many want you to sign up and receive a free something for doing so, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to read more of their blog/newsletters in the future, right? There may just be something in that one particular post that caught your interest, right? I have a newsletter (though I haven’t written anything in it in a while) and I’m deciding whether to continue with it or not.
  • Recently, two well-known women’s Facebook accounts have been removed or frozen (I think there was a third, but I can’t remember who it is); Beth Owl’s Daughter, and Pixie Lighthorse. It all has to do with FB’s random “that’s not your real name” policy, and as we all know how I feel about FB, I chose to delete my account this morning, after posting that I would last night. I woke to this, and have been laughing ever since. I wasn’t that bad, but I’m sure I was close.;) It’s not the people; it’s the platform and their practices (such as were mentioned in Pixie’s blog). I’m not sure why this video isn’t showing up on its own, but check it out anyway!

©Pip Miller – July 2015

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How Much of Drinking is Habit vs Craving


Yesterday on the way home from work, I caught myself wondering if I should stop at 7-11, or drive over to Circle K. For beer. Wait, what?? As I drove on home without stopping, it was really clear just how much of my particular drinking is habit, as I never actually crave alcohol. Get off work, stop at the store and buy beer. That is the most common habit, mainly because my job, while fun and interesting, can be incredibly draining at times. Working in a metaphysical shop has a huge allure, but in reality the rallying cry of “What does it mean?!?!” from the majority of customers can, in time, drive one a bit batty. “It is what it is” just isn’t what they want to hear in reply, so digging deep to remember in which book you read why a candle flame leans left instead of right (the obvious, “maybe there’s a draft” is met with disdain), or trying to find the perfect crystal for an ailment when you’ve absolutely NO idea what will help…this takes a lot out of you. It’s not all tarot decks and cool books, let me tell you. 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I have two wonderful bosses, great customers, I get to play with cool things…but there are many days where the thought of beer is what gets me through til closing. I feel lucky in the fact that I don’t, and never have, physically craved alcohol – there have never been dt’s, thankfully; just habit. All in my head, quite frankly. It’s astonishing what our thoughts can lead us to do, isn’t it? Watching tv doesn’t help, either, let me tell you; alcohol is every where!!

And there are, of course, other habits that lead to drinking too: stressful day? Drink. Sunny day? Drink. Day off? Drink. Hanging with friends? Drink. Meet a new boy/girl friend? Celebrate! Break up with new boy/girl friend? Drink away the woe. The list goes on. Society and the media have gotten many of us in a habit-led rut, that’s for sure.

It’s the same with food; how many of us can’t eat a hamburger without fries? I can’t eat a tuna – or grilled cheese – sandwich without potato chips. It feels incomplete, which is all habit. Habit leads us in ways we don’t even realize; how we react to people and situation, how we dress, responses we give (“Awesome”…who says awesome without thinking to just about every single thing now?)…the list goes on.

And now I leave you with someone that had me absolutely rolling with laughter. It’s uncensored, so probably not safe for work. And let me just say, it’s not just white women in their 20’s. 😉

©Pip Miller – July 2015