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Instagram Confuses Me

A week ago I post a short video, that went to Reels, whatever that is, and it has, as of this minute, 126 likes. How? Why??? Where are people seeing it that they are liking it? Sad thing is, not one view of the website. *sigh*

Here’s the link to said short.

Does this make sense to anyone? lol My teakettle is more popular than anything else. Bizarre.

With hope and love,


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Saying Goodbye to Social Media

Once and for all.

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I love my blog and I love my website. A lot. What I don’t love is the ‘must do’ social media. So, I’m not doing it anymore. I’m taking back my time and my mental health.

If you’d still like to read my posts, and hire me for energy healing, you’ll need to either have the posts emailed to you, or read them on WordPress reader. I think Bloglovin’ is kaput, so that option is out.

I hope you’ll stick around, and I really hope to be of service to you or your pets!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – June 2022

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The Day Twitter Changed

It’s been bought*. And not by someone who is going to do it any good, because he doesn’t do anything any good, right? So many are now ambivalent about the site, myself included, lots are leaving, and some refuse to go.

I love Twitter, even though it has a tendency to make me really anxious at times, but overall, it’s my go-to for everything. Up-to-the-minute news, especially about the fires here in NM, it’s where I go to find out “what was that noise??”, what my friends are up to, how the not-over pandemic is going…everything. I can find stuff out quicker there than anywhere else.

But that man. Another just-in-it-for-me white male is taking something over and, from all accounts, is going to twist and turn it into something awful. And, most likely, that will help those we don’t want to have any more control in this country than they already do. It seems like it’s going to turn into another Telegram/F*x (cough) News, and that makes me sad.

But what breaks my heart is that, again, there will be friends lost because there isn’t one site everyone would switch to; there’s many, like Discord, Instagram, Slack, etc…I lost a lot of close friends when I left FB because of Zuck, and to lose more will hurt.

Today is a sad, sad day.

©Pip Miller – April 2022

*Not yet, but it’s still changed.

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My week off Twitter ended today, and within minutes of catching up my anxiety skyrocketed. I try to mute certain words, follow uplifting people, but the politics and pandemic are still so important that those who focus almost exclusively on them are also in my feed.

I ran to Tumblr to look at pretty pictures.

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Then, while sending light to a very sick dog, I was listening to Leonie Dawson’s podcast on Castbox, which got me thinking about lots of things, energy healing related and otherwise.

First off, I’m choosing Tumblr over Twitter as my primary social media hub. I’ll keep the Twitter account and post occasionally, but I’ve really come to appreciate Tumblr for it’s Twitter/Instagram/blogging combination, and I’m surprised almost daily by who has an active account there, such as NASA and too many more to name. You can either sign up for Tumblr, or bookmark my site, Eavesdown Abbey. After all these years, I went and purchased the domain name!

Second, and this one is great for all of you: I’m offering a package of three 30-minute sessions for $75.00. That’s $15 off a regular purchase of 3 individual sessions, and since, in most cases, more than one session is really helpful, this is my gift to you.

I look forward to seeing you, hopefully!, on Tumblr, and I especially look forward to helping shift your energies (or your pets’) so you feel better!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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5 Things That Caught My Eye

I sit down to write a post, and again, there’s just so much that it’s hard to bring into a cohesive post. So instead I thought I’d list a few things that I’ve come across and that really interest me.

I dropped social media, and it’s been 7 days since I let go of my public Twitter, and I’ve got to say, the urge to log in and reactivate it is strong. Because for some reason retweeting important information feels like making a difference in the world, when in actuality there are so many accounts doing the same that it’s just whistling in the wind, ya know? I’ll let the ones with untold numbers of followers do the heavy lifting.

I must admit that I’ve logged into Instagram because there are certain friends who dropped Twitter for the same stressful reasons, and IG is their home. I don’t post, comment, or share, and I’ve only checked in twice. I don’t follow very many people, so it’s easy to catch up without checking in daily.

I have, though, been reading a lot of blogs, thanks to this post, Blogs: How to Find Them & All the Blogs I Subscribe To by Leonie Dawson, who I tend to check into every few years, though I haven’t followed her regularly for a long time. I found that post via Why Me and My Business Don’t Do Social Media Anymore, something you know I’ve been interested in for a while. Granted she has a billion followers, so it’s a lot different for her, but I still like the idea. The internet is too loud, period.

And from that, we head into my list:

1: Pop-up newsletters. New concept to me, and I love the idea! I’m terrible with newsletters, though I know that building an email list is super important because if the platforms you are using for your business disappear, you can still contact the people who are interested in you. So maybe a specific, short-term newsletter will act as a challenge for me, and get the ball rolling.

2: Evernote. I’ve actually had Evernote for quite a few years, but haven’t really used it for quite a few. It’s upgraded and snazzy, with a dark theme (I use that on every site that has it). You can use it on two devices for free, but need to upgrade for more. The phone widget on Android is really nice and wicked easy to use. I’m saving stuff left and right, instead of bookmarking or putting into folders, at which I never, ever look.

3: Aspergers blogs. This one has a list of traits that is really interesting (scroll past the intro). The website is packed with information, too. At least two members of my family are on the spectrum, and there is a lot of the list that really, really resonates with me. 😂

4: Meteorological vs Astronomical seasons. I LOVE this!!!! I am ALL on board with the meteorological definitions, especially since here in the southwest, spring is already in the works a lot earlier than at the solstice. Heck, a friend posted that her lilacs were in bloom not long ago, and ours bloom early in the year and are gone before ‘spring’ is here. The 3 week difference between meterological and astronomical makes a big difference. And while it’s still hot enough for swamp coolers here, the nights cooled down almost as soon as September started…fall showing her colors. Trees are already changing – even some of the pine trees, which is unusual.

And last but not least,

5: Be the Lighthouse by Alexandra Franzen. I know I’m mentioned this post over the years, but every time I come across it (this time by pulling up Evernote again), it really hits home. As my friend Michael (check out his artwork…gorgeous!) told me, “Be the light, Pip. Be the light.” I forget that when I get really scared and depressed about the state of humanity and the globe – which tend to be the times I want to blog; a throwback to journaling pre-internet days.

Speaking of journaling, I’ve started doing that more regularly since stepping away from Twitter. Mortality is never far from my thoughts, and I’d stopped writing in part because I didn’t want anyone to find it after I die and learn more than they ever need to know about too many things, including, maybe, themselves. So I’ve come up with a compromise: I write in a spiral bound notebook instead of the pretty hard bound ones I normally use, and every week (or after a particularly emotional entry) I shred the pages. I get my feelings out, and don’t worry about something that would never affect me anyway cuz I’ll be dead, but still bugs me. Weird, right?

What do you guys (I need a better group term…I’m not southern enough to pull off y’all) think of the pop-up newsletter? Would you be interested in signing up and seeing how it goes?


Much love, and please, please get vaccinated and wear masks. Double-mask, even (I am). Delta is that contagious and too many are acting like all is well. It’s not.

Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – September 2021

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Digital Pause


Bloglovin’. Oy. Is it me, or can changing things on that site get…complicated…? I wanted the correct url to this blog on my profile, and it just wouldn’t switch from the old to the new. I could claim both urls, but not make it so it would connect to the correct one. I don’t know, it could have just been me not understanding the site, who knows. I ended up getting really annoyed, deactivating the annoying account and starting another.

Speaking of blogging, I fell down the rabbit hole of books and blogs and podcasts about social media and our addictions to it. There are so many out there, and it’s becoming clear that so many big names and businesses are dropping the not-really-lucrative, algorithms-screwing-up-your-views social media sites in favor of email lists and blogs that they own. None of us need the mind-suck of constant social media, and people are finding that their anxiety lessens, their memory gets stronger, creativity soars…all kinds of benefits.

I took all the apps except Castbox and Audible off my phone, and even in just one day I noticed how often I reached for the phone to check Twitter (my go-to). And how much of my thoughts are geared toward tweeting; it really freaked me out. Instagram I can take or leave, but Twitter, that’s my addiction. I removed the links to my social media accounts from this website, fixed the Bloglovin’ one, and I’ll be dropping IG and letting my public major-time-consuming Twitter account go. I mostly retweet things concerning Covid and my continuing inability to understand those who act as if it’s the common cold, so it really doesn’t serve me in any way, and more than anything it sends my blood pressure and anxiety through the roof and annoys my other half because I’m constantly telling him all the stuff I’m reading and sending his blood pressure through the roof, too. I can get all the news in better ways, such as, and I want to read more blogs (and write more posts like the random one from the other day), too.

It’s really quite scary how the internet has taken over our lives, and I’m almost finished with a book called Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, which was written 10 years ago and concerns studies the author, a social scientist and clinical psychologist, conducted about how lives have changed, especially for the then-teenagers, and how they’ve come to see the online world almost as more real that their actual lives. It’s a fascinating read, and next up is her book Reclaiming Conversation.

Another book I really liked is The Revenge of Analog by David Sax, which isn’t about going Luddite, as one would think, but more about how people are rediscovering the joys of analog – and you get to learn about how film and albums are made, too!

Anyway, it’s late, or really, really early, and I need to put all these thoughts to bed. I’ll be seeing you around here more, I hope!

Much love,

Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – August 2021

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Brain Fog Central

Every week I write ‘blog’ in my planner. And every week I have zero idea what to write about. Even if something comes to mind, when I sit down to start typing; poof, it’s gone. The same goes for the newsletter I was going to resurrect. Blank. My mind has left the building, taking all the notes, quotes, and inspiration with it in a rolling red suitcase. And I’ve no idea where it is.

It also seems to have snuck all my energy in there, because it’s the same with to-do lists; I write them, I fully intend to achieve them…and the effort is just too much. I know being anemic contributes to that, but still, it’s as if all I can do is get through each day and hope a good night’s sleep will refresh me and kick things back into gear. So far, it’s not happening.

OH, and get this. Remember this post, “Laters, Alcohol!” (still a work in progress, sadly)? In it I wrote that I was about to start my 60th year of life, aka, turning 59 (I’ve since fixed that). I had a dr’s appointment Thursday, the type that requires a medical bracelet, and that night I was looking at the bracelet and noticed that they’d mistakenly written that I was 58. Then I looked at my birthdate, did quick match, and son of a…somehow I managed to get my own age wrong! That’s how foggy my brain is lately.

I noticed lately that I’ve been scrolling through Twitter for way too long every day, and I removed it from my phone. I don’t know if it was a subconscious attempt to kick my brain into gear with all the information, or if all that information was overwhelming my brain and contributing to the inability to think straight. I suspect a bit of both, but I’m pretty positive the overwhelm was real. I still have Instagram (on an old phone; it creeps me out that it works on my usual phone even if blocked by the firewall), but one: I don’t follow as many people there, and two: picture-posting isn’t as frequent as tweeting, so I spend a lot less time scrolling. I really enjoy accounts that show real life, and aren’t just for marketing. I’ve also removed other ‘mindless scrolling’ accounts from my phone and caught myself wondering ‘Now what do I do??” yesterday. Because somehow reading books had fallen to the wayside in favor of what’s on my devices, even Hoopla and Kindle. And I have a room full of books to read!

It’s almost as if I’ve forgotten who I am, and need to find my way back to me. Does anyone else feel that way? Removing the digital accessibility is going to take adjusting to (which, coming from me, who tries to be all about safety and using encrypted email and texting, is a bit ironic), but it’s getting warmer so I’ll be able to sit outside and read in the sun again. I can send light while outside, too, and that always makes my day.

How has the pandemic affected you? I really thought that I was doing ok, because while I stayed home most of the time, NM was very aggressive about dealing with the restrictions and masks, so I was able to go shopping and get out of the house. It felt like normal life. But it really hasn’t been, and I wonder how long it will take before we all are hit with PTSD and in what forms it will manifest?

Be safe, take care of yourself!

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – March 2021

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Out With The Old, In With The New

Can you believe that 2019 is almost over? Boy, what a year, right? Hoping next year is better!

Feedback from a session for a sick horse

I was going through my pages and posts, making sure the links are correct (I’m not all the way through, so don’ t be surprised if you come across an old link…if you are reading older posts), updating a post here or there…and I decided that to usher in the new year, I’m dropping my prices for January. With everything going on, my thought is that money is the what’s keeping people from purchasing sessions, so I’ve made it easier. No, they aren’t free (Lol), because as I wrote a while ago, alternative healers’ time is valuable, just as with any service you use.

30-minute sessions are now $30, and the 60-minute Dare is $60, changing the 90-minute to $80. I think those are reasonable prices, and I hope you will, too.

I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures online about it, but we have two roadrunners that come to the birdbath every day, and now they expect a little snack, too. My other half started giving them a bit of lunch meat, and now they show up, looking for it. The bolder of the two has started doing this, too:

I can hear it (telling the difference between a male and a female is damn near impossible, from what I’ve read) saying, “Hello? Second breakfast? You’re late.” This one “talks” to us, and will let me get within a foot of it! It’s amazing to see all the colors they really are, not just the brown and white that you first see, and how completely different they look when on guard, sunning, or going all camo under the bushes. I love it!!

Just call me “the Bird Woman”, hashtag #birdtheater. 😉

Sayanara, 2019…

Pip 🙂



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Beautiful Twitter Thread About 9/11 Service Dogs

Make sure you have tissues nearby when you read it.

Search and Rescue Dogs

That’s all. I thought it needed to be spread across the internet, not just on Twitter.

Carry on. 😉

©Pip Miller – September 2019

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What Do You Do When The World Is Overwhelming

This morning I was reading through a notebook I have, filled with scribbles and quotes and manifestos, all relating to my energy healing work. Some ideas popped into my head, but I got a bit overwhelmed and decided to check Twitter.

I have two accounts, one public, and every single time I read that one, my head wants to explode with regards to what is going on in this country and how excellently someone’s diversionary tactics are working. People miss the true stories in the flurry.

Every day there are more and more horrors being perpetrated without repercussions, climate change is beyond ignoring, and every single one of us, even those who try to ignore it all, are affected.

All this stress and anxiety is wearing on us, bit by bit, and sometimes it feels as if there’s no way to deal with it.

I can help. No, I can’t fix the current administration, nor can I cure your chronic anxiety or depression, but I can give you a bit of relief for a while.

You don’t have to drive anywhere (though I would recommend not driving during your session), wear anything special, stop what you’re doing (you can, obviously, if you like)…heck, you don’t even have to believe in energetic shifting! No matter what you do or believe, it always help you in some way; sometimes in big, obvious ways, and sometimes in light, subtle ways (check out my Testimonials page to see how it has affected people).

30-minute sessions are $30. We can go longer if you’d like, or if you really want a deep shift, there’s my favorite session, Dare the Possibilities (this one tends to put people to sleep for the deep healing boost).

All you need to do is make your payment here (put your email address in the notes just in case, please!), and I’ll contact you within 24 hours and we’ll set up a time! Easy-peasy. 🙂

I can’t wait to help you feel better!

©Pip Miller – September 2019