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Animals and Palliative Energy Healing

Why are the two such a good match?

What kind of animals can it help?

Is there anything you need to do while your animal is

receiving energy healing (or light, as I call it)?

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Excellent questions!

First, the reason I think animals and palliative energy healing are such a great match is that animals just accept it, no questions asked. There aren’t any subconscious doubts about whether or not it will work, no worries about what people might say if they find out about the energy healing, no religious preconceptions about alternative healing and if it’s the work of the “dark side”…none of that.

I can tell that some animals take a minute or two to understand what’s going on as I start sending light to them, but once the “wait, what’s that?” moment is over, they just settle in and receive. Many times with a big sigh and a ‘get comfortable’ movement, and the light just flows. I love that feeling when I can tell they said, ‘oh, ok!’.

Second question: any and all types!!! I’ve helped horses, dogs, and cats mostly, but I’m happy to help your ant farm, your pet iguana, the bat you rescued…if it’s breathing, I’m here to help ease its suffering. Oh! There was a crow once, too!

And lastly, nope, not a thing. Really. If you normally cuddle your critter, go ahead and do so. If it’s living in a tank, let it be. The light goes where it’s needed, and the more we let it do its work without getting in the way, the better. That’s something I had a hard time with when I was doing in-person sessions on humans; I would let my head and what I thought was ‘supposed’ to happen interfere with the light, rather than stepping back and just letting it flow as I did when I first started doing sessions. It was hard to face that I was doing so, but it led to doing distance sessions, and I love, love, love being able to send light around the world!

I hope that helps you to understand a bit more about the work I do, and I just want to remind you that I’ve extended the ‘pay what you can‘ for the rest of the month for all sessions except the retainer (which is half price).

I look forward to helping your beloved pet’s days and nights!

With love and hope,

Pip 🌻✨

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I just want to be alone…

Bloganuary asks, “where do you go for solitude”?, and my answer is easy; my study/office/she shed (hate that)/sanctuary.

We have an extra bedroom that I’ve turned into my hideaway. It’s where I do a lot of the lightwork, some of my laptop work, and a lot of reading. It’s on the south-east/south side of the house, and there’s lots of sunshine, which I really appreciate during the colder months. I get cold really, really easily.

I have Funko figurines, stuffed animals (that I seem to be buying a lot of lately), bookcases, a desk, walls covered with quotes, pictures, a painting by a friend in Canada, plants (that are growing a bit crazy)…all my comfort things.

My guy has his ‘man cave’ in the garage, and this is my spot to be alone.

Oh, and I have two strands of Christmas lights that I plug in every evening, even in the summer. They make me really happy.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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Have you lost your taste/smell from COVID?

I ask because I want to offer 5 people 3 free sessions each.


Well, a family member contracted it over the weekend, immediately lost taste/smell, and I did 3 sessions on her in 3 days…and it’s back. Now there are varying reports about it coming back in a couple weeks or months or year or not at all…most are at least months.

This got me super excited and I want to see if I can help others! I’m curious if the newness of her case mattered, or if time doesn’t affect the healing, whether they come back fully or not, if one comes back but not the other…I want to experiment and see, and I need, obviously, people to experiment with!

If you have lost your taste/smell, or know someone who has (age doesn’t matter), shoot me a comment on this post. I’ll wait til Sunday night, take all the names (does not have to be your real name; I’ve sent light to “SmileyFred’s friend SnowShoeKicker” and Spirit knew exactly who was meant and the light was received), toss ’em in a bowl, and pull 5 names. We’ll go from there!

I’m SO excited to see what happens!!!

BTW, one of the recent Bloganuary prompts is “write about something mysterious” and I don’t think I could pick anything more mysterious than this!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I also helped someone with a sore throat and a positive test…the sore throat went away and the following tests were negative. Did the light do that? I wish I had definitive proof, but I don’t.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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As the crow flies

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is ‘what superpower would you like to have?’

I’m sure that there’s no limit to what kinds of superpowers there are, but what immediately popped into my head was flying. I’d love to be able to morph into a bird, something like a crow or a hawk!

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Years ago I took a metaphysical class with a wonderful teacher, and in one class we did a guided meditation in which we imagined we became an animal of our choice. My head went straight to a hawk, and it was as if I became the hawk, in a tree, and then I was soaring into the air, over a forest and then a mountain range. Somewhere in the trip I heard the teacher’s voice calling, calling us back…and I didn’t want to return. It really felt like I was that hawk, and the feeling was glorious. Such freedom! And crystal-clear eyesight (I wear glasses). lol

I could have chosen a superpower such as the ability to actually fully and instantly heal someone, rather than simply helping them feel better, and I really do wish I had that ability…but my soul wants to fly.

With wonder and hope,

Pip 🌻🌟

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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My week off Twitter ended today, and within minutes of catching up my anxiety skyrocketed. I try to mute certain words, follow uplifting people, but the politics and pandemic are still so important that those who focus almost exclusively on them are also in my feed.

I ran to Tumblr to look at pretty pictures.

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Then, while sending light to a very sick dog, I was listening to Leonie Dawson’s podcast on Castbox, which got me thinking about lots of things, energy healing related and otherwise.

First off, I’m choosing Tumblr over Twitter as my primary social media hub. I’ll keep the Twitter account and post occasionally, but I’ve really come to appreciate Tumblr for it’s Twitter/Instagram/blogging combination, and I’m surprised almost daily by who has an active account there, such as NASA and too many more to name. You can either sign up for Tumblr, or bookmark my site, Eavesdown Abbey. After all these years, I went and purchased the domain name!

Second, and this one is great for all of you: I’m offering a package of three 30-minute sessions for $75.00. That’s $15 off a regular purchase of 3 individual sessions, and since, in most cases, more than one session is really helpful, this is my gift to you.

I look forward to seeing you, hopefully!, on Tumblr, and I especially look forward to helping shift your energies (or your pets’) so you feel better!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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An Ideal Day

April 25th, natch!

Date, not day, but having just watched Miss Congeniality again, there was no way that I could let that pass.

I almost didn’t do this prompt, but I’m on a roll, so here it is:

My ideal day is waking up, feeding the menagerie, having a cup of tea and writing in my journal. Then I send light for two or three clients, sitting outside if it’s warm enough, in my study if it’s not. Next is housework, read for a while, maybe do another session, fix dinner, watch some tube…read, and bed. A simple life and a simple day.

Easy-peasy. Making my living at home by shifting energy for others and helping them feel better, and going with the flow.

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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Operation Living the Dream Commences Now!

My friend Brett came up with the title of this post when I responded to his tweet about writing being what he’s meant to do. I said that I’d had to quit my job because of breathing issues and that healing work was my ‘meant to do’.

I spent all day yesterday reading, researching, and rebooting my dream. I reread things I’d saved on my Kindle by Theresa Reed and Sarah Von Bargen.  I came across a subscription gift by Esme Wang about using a productivity journal (aka a Bullet Journal). I was busy, busy, busy!

And then this morning I started my day by sending healing light…it begins!

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

I wish I could remember where I found that. It’s my new mantra. I tend to be a bit ‘Oooh, shiny things’, and lose focus; hopefully this will keep me from doing that. 🙂

I’m thrilled to take the time to let my lungs heal AND help others feel better at the same time!

©Pip Miller – November 2018


I Really Do Know Better

…than to say I’m going to do any challenge, whether it be tarot, journaling, or even just taking pictures for a month. I start with great intentions, miss a day or two, and the next thing I know, I’ve missed 3 weeks! Life got in the way of the Prompt challenge, and I only did one blog entry about them.

Ah well.

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Strangely enough, both my friend Johanne on Twitter and The Bloggess asked about blogging today; Johanne wondered if it is dead, and The Bloggess wrote that a friend of hers wrote a post calling all bloggers who’d fallen out of the habit to pick it up again. I happen to be home from work today because the below-freezing temps and my car didn’t get along this morning, and so I caught both comments.

What are your thoughts on blogging? Do you blog like it’s your journal/diary? Is it your business blog? Do you like that all the posts here are public, or do you prefer the LiveJournal/Dreamwidth option of posting to specific lists of people if you want a bit of privacy? Or is the micro-bloggin aspect of Tumblr more your thing, using it as Twitter, Instagram, and a blog all in one? I must admit, I did enjoy Tumblr for that reason, but had a devil of a time getting people to follow me there.

It’s fall and the time to rethink things, regroup, re-whatever-needs-to-be-re’d…


With hope,


©Pip Miller- November 2018

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A Month of Prompts

Amanda, of MagnoliaYogaBr , sent out her first newsletter with monthly prompts in quite a few years. I’m so excited!!!

Yesterday the prompt was “Perfect Day”. And it was! Mornings have taken on a routine, starting with feeding the cat, then then dogs, and now the crows and the birds. The crows came back to the neighborhood on the 30th (timing), and they call out when they come in the mornings, waking me and starting my day.

Usually we babysit on Thursday, but didn’t yesterday, so I was able to sit outside and read…something I haven’t done almost all summer because of the heat. I’m just beginning “Shadow of Night” by Deborah Harkness, and I’m loving this series!! History, witches, vampires, daemons…it’s got it all.

Today’s prompt is “Take Steps”. Doing these prompts here is a big step. I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing, and my domain name needs to be renewed sometime this month, so responses (and clients) will give me a reading and tell me whether to keep it all or let it go.

Do you want to join along? The link to sign up for the newsletter is in Amanda’s bio!

With hope,


©Pip Miller – November 2018

ETS: I forgot to add the hashtags she uses! #cultivatewellness #writewellness

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One Card for a Coffee!

I’m trying out something new and fun, and wanted to let you guys in on it, too! In exchange for a cup of coffee, I’ll pull a card and tell you what I get from it. No question from you, just tapping into my intuition. So far the feedback for the two I’ve done has been wonderful, and one of them freaked both myself and the person out completely!

So if you want to give it a try for a mere $3.00, click on the link above and we’ll get to it!