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When Your Neurodivergent Brain Has Post-COVID Brain Fog

In my last post I wrote a big ol’ paragraph about the time change, and 24+ hours later (2 a.m. this morning -it’s 4 now), the fact that the advice (that does work) is for the March (MAKE IT STOP) time change, not the November one, slowly dawned on me. I know this, I really do…but for some reason something glitched, and I was certain enough to even tweet about it, too.

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This has been happening more than I like lately. For instance, bills: I’ve paid all the bills on the same day as rent for years. And any that are auto-pay are deducted in the check register (yes, a register – I have to see my finances) so I know where I stand for the month. But since we had COVID in July, the two bills that fall either at the end of one month or the beginning of the next are messing with my head. I just can’t get straight how to deal with them, even though I know it’s easy to do so, and that I did it for months before July.

Now I’ve always been easily distracted – I couldn’t take a purse to school because I would hang it on the chair and promptly forget it was there. Baked desert for an hour as a teen, and didn’t turn the oven on. And the more I watch Jessica’s ‘How to ADHD‘ videos, the more I see myself in many ways, especially since menopause (I also see some Autistic traits, too…neurodivergent buffet, anyone?). Cooking, oh, cooking…don’t leave the kitchen or I’ll come back to an exploded Pyrex pan that once held water and eggs, or a tea kettle without a whistle, burned right through. And the oven…if I knew how many times I’ve left it on, the number would scare all of us, I’m sure. But now, jeesh. An InstantPot, air fryer, and auto-turn-off electric tea kettle have changed everything, and without them, I’m not even certain I’d be able to cook. Even with them, I check the chart more than once to make sure I have the times and settings right, because if they can be done wrong, I’ll do it.

Laundry. I’ve done laundry on Sundays for years. Clean clothes for the week…nice. But during COVID, that schedule got screwed up, and now I completely forget to do it until I open my drawer and there’s no underwear. If I’m lucky, I’ll notice that there’s one pair left, turn around, grab a load, and wash it. Hopefully I’ll remember they’re in there (the washer and dryer are in the garage, but I remembered before, so…), put them in the dryer, set the timer, turn the dryer on, and all is well. Lately, though, I forget all of it. I’ll remember they’re in there hours later. And so many times I’ve gone out to find wet clothes in the dryer because, well…

And, almost worse than the rest, I’ve had to resort to setting alarms on my phone for appointments and sessions, because unless my planner is open and in front of me where I can see it multiple times a day, I won’t remember a thing. I remembered an upcoming birthday for two weeks because planner…and then again the day after. Completely spaced it the day of. Planner was in a pile, not open on my desk.

It’s scary. Out of sight, out of mind, easily distracted, is my norm, but double it and it starts to feel like the Earth has fallen out from under your feet, ya know? And with a new part-time job that is something I normally excel at, but that ‘at’ is being super organized and remembering things, I’m lost more times than I care to admit. The ‘glasses are on my head’ thing is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don’t know what to do about it except utilize all the tips and hacks I can find to get through this post-COVID life.

Is anyone else having problems like this – not just neurodivergent people? How are you handling it?

With love, hope, and a fuzzy brain,

Pip ✨🦩

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A Beautiful Moment

I asked a question of my Everyday Witch tarot this morning, and while contemplating the answer, it dawned on me that this card depicts me – as a conduit for Divine healing and light. I just sat there, looking at it with awe and joy. No, I don’t look anything like her, but you get my meaning. 🙂

My phone washes out the colors somewhat, but it’s a beautiful card. The serenity and smile on her face are exactly how I feel as I’m sending light, helping to ease a being’s suffering. I wonder if it’s possible to buy a print of it, like poster size?

The rest of the day was somewhat less…serene…I’m learning something that’s way out of my comfort zone and wheelhouse, and every day I cross my fingers that I don’t make a massive mistake. Once I get it down, I’ll be able to use this knowledge elsewhere, but getting it down, wow. My brain was totally fried today after 3 1/2 days of concentration. It’s not something I really wanted to learn, but it’s necessary, so I am.

ETA: Ignore the 15 minutes…that’s for the March time change. 🙄🙄🙄

Fall has been in the night air all month long, and hopefully soon the days will follow suit. This heat. Jeesh. Speaking of fall, my yearly tip for the glorious time change back to Standard Time: start setting your alarm back 15 minutes each week, and by the time November hits, you won’t even notice the switch. Believe me, it works, and it makes a HUGE difference. We wouldn’t notice the shift if we didn’t mess with the clocks in the first place. I have my own little rebellion going by keeping all my personal clocks on Standard Time year-round, and only the kitchen clock is on the annoying Daylight Saving Time. Even my phone is Standard Time. Yes, I have to mentally add an hour to make appointments and things, but otherwise, time is as it should be. The sun’s on its last peek over the horizon, and it’s 6:15. Beautiful.

I hope you all are well! I also hope you’re all wearing masks, too, but I know that’s a pipe dream. I saw a couple with a newborn in the grocery store filled with unmasked people and I wanted to cry. The numbers don’t lie (even though they’re only data from PCR tests and not the untold number of positive tests done at home), and COVID is far, far from over. Please be safe.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: yes, my focus is animals, but I will always help humans, and I love helping those who have COVID or it’s after-effects. LongCovid, too. I wrote a post about it, btw. Don’t forget, all sessions are still ‘pay what you can’, except if you put me on retainer, which is half-price at $125 for 30 days of sessions. It’s a hell of a deal. 🙂

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What day is it?

I’ve lost track of days and dates; it’s quite easy to do when you don’t really have a schedule to speak of. I brought the trash can in today, so it must be Tuesday.

We both home tested again today, and he’s negative, but I’m still positive. I expected as much because I got sick after he did. I’m still dealing with an on-and-off sense of smell and taste, and when the smoky smell gets strong, I get one of those tension headaches again. I’m really, really quite over them. Ouch.

We’ve both decided that it’s really not safe for me to go back to work, but at the same time the money issue won’t stop rearing its ugly head, ya know? I’m really over this dilemma, too.

I was going through my desktop because it’s lagging badly, and I came across a video (well, 3) that I’d saved from when I briefly had a YouTube channel a while ago. I can’t upload it here unless I get a more expensive plan, it wouldn’t upload to IG or Twitter, but Tumblr, all hail Tumblr!, did with no problem!

So here’s a video I did about energy healing – aka, sending light, palliative lightwork.

It’s weird to watch myself because I notice things that I really never have even after decades of pictures and looking in the mirror. I guess the movement of talking makes them noticeable.

I hope all is well with you, and give a look at the energy healing I do! There are drop down pages that explain more for each subcategory, too.

Hope to help you soon!

Pip ✨🌻🫖


Starting again

I’d just gotten into the groove of blogging again, then had to go to work, and that blew the momentum.



My guy got sick Wed (a cold from the swamp cooler being on all night), I woke up Saturday nasty sick, tested and got the faint positive. I was negative Friday. Son of a…

Made him test. Yeah, not a cold. Friggin’ COVID.

I tested again Sunday, full-on positive.

*insert a whole lot of sweary swears…a LOT*

I have been insanely diligent. Like, that weird person who always wears a mask when no one else does. Why? Anemia. Asthma. A 4-year old who I’ll be damned was going to get it from some unthinking move of mine. I even wear a mask in my own house at times. I’m that person.

You can imagine I am far from a happy camper. There isn’t a picture to insert in this post that really shows how I feel.

And goddammit, please stop saying “it’s a cold” and that it’s “mild”. It’s not, and even asymptomatic people get the gnarly aftereffects like heart damage and blood clots. And for the love of all that is….STOP SAYING “POST-COVID NORMAL”. There’s no bloody such thing. Cases are exploding, the new variants are more transmissible than EVER, and people are talking about visiting family, going to fairs, hitting up conventions and flying without masks and… BTW, if you’re following the CDC’s guidance, stop. Immediately. They’re pure bullshit now.

I’m livid. That’s really what it comes down to. No, we don’t know for certain where it came from, but it doesn’t really matter. A lone masked person really has no defense against a world of unmasked and “over it” people.

I’m 3 days in, nearly fainted 3 times in one day, can’t get hot or I get dizzy, have a constant metallic taste in my mouth, food doesn’t agree with me* (my pajamas are falling off), and my torso hurts like hell from coughing. And the tension headache that today comes and goes, had me wishing for someone to put me out of my misery Saturday and Sunday. The only thing that sort of helped was a cold, wet cloth on my forehead as I curled up directly in front of the fan. I’m basically bed-bound because it’s never cool enough in the living room; the bedroom is the only place I feel ok. Which means my guy, the person I’m caregiver for, is now doing what he can around the house, and it’s so not easy for him. His symptoms (except the cough) are nearly gone now (and they were really bad Thursday and Friday), but me, I keep coming up with new stuff, like trying to shoo a fly out of the bathroom made me lightheaded. I was just standing there. Not running around. Standing. And shooing. What the hell?

It has to be the anemia. Fuuuuck.

And the “post-COVID” oblivion/bullshit lie people have chosen to live in.

I feel like blocking anyone who doesn’t live safely and with the knowledge that this virus can get you out of the blue, no matter how diligent you are.

In anger, lots of anger,

Pip 😷😷😷

©Pip Miller – July 2021

*pudding! I can eat pudding! And the metallic taste goes away just long enough so it doesn’t taste nasty. I’m so happy!

PS: I will be talking more about the healing work, cuz home and no income. Need a session, anyone?


COVID and Energy Healing

First off, there is a very important disclaimer that I have on my pages, and it needs to go here:

**Energy healing is a natural method of energy clearing and balancing, and may be used as part of an integrative healing or wellness program. While it can be used entirely on its own, it is not meant as a substitute for medical treatment.

That being said, I have some exciting news! I have worked with people who contracted COVID, whether for those who just found out they were positive or those who are now living with long-term effects such as the loss of smell and taste. There have been varying degrees of “success”, from one girl’s sore throat going way after the session and her test was negative the next day, to some alleviation of the difficulty breathing (but not easing completely), to a friend’s sense of smell returning enough for her to smell a skunk – wonderful first smell, right? 😂 I’ve worked with wheezing lungs, pain, headaches, whatever comes with having the virus. Another important point: I can not – and would not ever suggest that I can – heal COVID; but I it seems I can help alleviate symptoms.

On Friday my sister hired me to help her friend Shae, who tested positive 3 days before and had just been to the ER because they couldn’t swallow. I did a 45-minute session, during which the energy flow was quite intense. On Saturday Shae texted:

Pretty damned shiny, right?? I’m a bit giddy with joy, truth be told.

After the second session, I was told that Shae had been unable to keep anything down for a couple days since testing positive, and now they had been able to eat and keep down soup! And they “really feel quite a bit better all the way around”. I haven’t had any feedback after yesterday’s session, but that’s ok! I’m thrilled with how much better they are feeling, and I really, really hope others with COVID contact me for some help with the symptoms.

I really can’t tell you how excited I am after these sessions! To know that I can help others suffering from COVID effects is mind-blowing, and opens a world of possibilities. Just like being on retainer the first time did!

I look forward to being of service!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: Don’t forget that the 45-minute sessions for the same price as 30-minute ones ends on May 31! And keep in mind that I help animals, too!

ETA: Shae texted my sister yesterday and said, “I’m feeling SO much better.”

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Picking one favorite quote

…is like picking one favorite book! Impossible!

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is just that, “what’s your favorite quote”, and so many come to mind. I was looking in an old planner for something just now, and came across this one, which is particularly apropos to me right now:

Don’t try harder, try different.

I have no idea who said or wrote it, but it really hit home today. I tend towards the beating-my-head-against-a-wall way of doing things, when what I really need is to to let go of the definition of insanity, “… doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results” and try for something different. Would seem easy, right? As a matter of fact, signing up for Bloganuary was a step in that different direction; I’m not great with consistency in things like this (as you can tell from the missed prompts), but I gave it a shot (thank you, Alice of Malham Magna for tweeting about it), but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. I’m so happy I did! It’s lovely to read all the posts, to see people reading mine…it’s a great community and I hope it continues after January ends.

So, for today, that’s my favorite quote. 😂

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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Have you lost your taste/smell from COVID?

I ask because I want to offer 5 people 3 free sessions each.


Well, a family member contracted it over the weekend, immediately lost taste/smell, and I did 3 sessions on her in 3 days…and it’s back. Now there are varying reports about it coming back in a couple weeks or months or year or not at all…most are at least months.

This got me super excited and I want to see if I can help others! I’m curious if the newness of her case mattered, or if time doesn’t affect the healing, whether they come back fully or not, if one comes back but not the other…I want to experiment and see, and I need, obviously, people to experiment with!

If you have lost your taste/smell, or know someone who has (age doesn’t matter), shoot me a comment on this post. I’ll wait til Sunday night, take all the names (does not have to be your real name; I’ve sent light to “SmileyFred’s friend SnowShoeKicker” and Spirit knew exactly who was meant and the light was received), toss ’em in a bowl, and pull 5 names. We’ll go from there!

I’m SO excited to see what happens!!!

BTW, one of the recent Bloganuary prompts is “write about something mysterious” and I don’t think I could pick anything more mysterious than this!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I also helped someone with a sore throat and a positive test…the sore throat went away and the following tests were negative. Did the light do that? I wish I had definitive proof, but I don’t.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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COVID, sending light, and books


I missed a couple of the Bloganuary prompts, mostly because I am, again, sending light to a family with COVID (yes, it should be capitalized), and that’s been taking up my mornings, which is when writing blog posts is a bit easier for me.

I love helping people with COVID, though I do wish fervently that I could heal them completely…that’s not in the cards, though. I’m the conduit for the healing light/energy, and how it helps is up to someone else. I love the feel of the energy flowing through my hands (and it’s always surprising how hot the stuffed animals I use as stand-ins get), and knowing that I am, in some way, helping to alleviate the symptoms.

A bit blurry due to my tremors

The prompt the other day asked what we are reading, and I was in the middle of Shadow of Night, the 2nd of the All Soul’s Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I didn’t want it to end! I love all the history in that book, and while I really enjoy the characters in current times, the ones in the past were lovely. And Gallowglass, oh, Gallowglass! A word, btw, I looked up to see if it was a long-time family name, but it’s so much more!

As for the Lenormand book, I’ve been interested in that form of divination for a while, but I’m a bit of an annoying purist and didn’t want a book written by someone who was originally a tarot reader…the two are not alike at all. I found this book by Andy Boroveshengra, who comes from a long line of Lenormand readers, and while it’s not as pretty or popular as one by another author, I like it. It’s clear, he doesn’t give any tarot-similar keywords; there’s a very, very popular book out there and while reading the zillion ‘meanings’ of the cards in the book, I wondered if the author was actually trying to cover every divination form out there, just in case. It was overwhelming. Lenormand is meant to be straight to the point, tell-it-like-it-is fortunetelling.

I was reminding of the book and deck while listening to the Cardslingers Coast-to-Coast podcast on Castbox. They had a guest reader on, V, and she reads Lenormand. She also calls it The Dirty 36, which cracked me up; she likens it to Rizzo from Grease while tarot is more Sandy. Brilliant! Got me all fired up to dive back into it! Tarot sometimes is a bit too broad and encompassing for my brain, and while I love runes (my first divination tool), I know that one shouldn’t learn from the made-up stuff in Ralph Blum’s book (my first book that came with the rune set), and there are may rune books of questionable nature out there. I had a friend from Bavaria who spent his life studying all forms of the runes, and why he hasn’t written a book about it is beyond me. He taught a few classes, but I wasn’t in the position at the time to take them. I’ve long regretted that. Runes are another thing where you don’t ‘pull three and read them’…that’s tarot, again.

So anyway, that’s what’s going on and why my Bloganuary roll was busted. lol

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: Don’t forget that you can now purchase a set of three 30-minutes sessions for $75!

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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What Do I Like About My Writing

Bloganuary prompt #8.

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t like my writing because it’s not polished and perfectly content-oriented to achieve a goal like you see absolutely everywhere now. It all has a purpose, and I rarely do.

Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve learned to appreciate how I write. It took a long time, but I am who I am, and I write how I write. I’m very much off the cuff, off the top of my head – an idea pops into my head or something catches my interest and I want to tell everyone about it! I’ve discovered that I might have ADHD (not the H part so much, though), and that could explain the “Oooh, shiny!” aspect of how I write.

I also tend to go off on tangents, and use lots of parenthesis and ellipses…I love me an ellipse for some reason… but I manage to pull it back to my main point in the end. Most of the time.

Aside: did you know Katharine Hepburn didn’t seem to be big on punctuation and tended to use dashes in place of most of it? So I’m ok with my ellipses. 😎

And that, my dears, is a short and sweet prompt post!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

BTW, I spent today (Friday) sending light to a family with COVID. I wish I had a magic ability and could ‘poof’ make it go away, but I can’t. But I seem to be able to alleviate some of the symptoms according to people I helped in 2020. And that makes my heart sing. All I want is to help others feel better, and boosting their body’s innate healing ability is something that’s in my wheelhouse.

I’m here if you need me.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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Ah, Mercury Retrograde. Sigh.

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for days, but my internet continually goes out every 5-10 minutes, and it’s driving me insane. The cable company doesn’t know why, so I’m sort of stuck. I’m actually writing this offline and then will try to quickly post it.

How are you all doing? I’m a bit freaked out by all the mask-less faces I see, especially at the grocery store, I must admit. I’ve come across a couple people coughing nasty coughs, and I just cringe and walk the other way. I’m not ready for this. Not until more people get vaccinated, especially for the safety of the children.

Osa is doing ok. She’s already bored with house arrest, and I’ve let her go out back with our smaller dog for a bit here and there. Our male would much rather be a house dog, so he’s quite fine with that. Osa is super-excitable, and when she’s excited, she wiggles. A lot. I’ve done my best to avoid all situations in which she gets that way, but even just one of us walking into the living room in the morning sets her off. I’m honestly not sure if her leg is any better; she limps often and it doesn’t look much different when she walks than before the surgery. It’s frustrating, but there’s only so much I can do. I still believe a dog who undergoes this surgery should be sent home with some sort of brace to hold it steady, especially a big dog like Osa.

Fire season has begun, the air is full of smoke from Arizona, and the heat has kicked in. So much heat. I’m not ready for this summer.

Between dog sitting and human caretaking, I’ve been sending light. It’s what keeps me sane, honestly. I did a lovely distance distance session for someone in pain in Costa Rica and her pain went away (I love it when that happens!), did a Dare the Possibilities session, and it was neat to feel the flow of light getting stronger for certain chakras compared to others. Someone asked me to “check her lungs” and my first thought was, “no, I don’t have that ability”, and then I thought, “why not”? So I did a little hand placement, and then switched it, and I could actually tell that yes, she did need light, and where it was needed the most. It was pretty cool! I love trying out new things to further enhance how I can be of help to you guys.

Well, the internet is kicking back in again, so let’s see if I can actually add a picture and post this!

Stay cool and stay safe!

Much love,

©Pip Miller – June 2021