The Best $99 You’ll Ever Spend!

Surprise flowers in a plant I didn’t know flowered

You know when you’re taking a shower and it’s like a lightbulb went off in your head? That happened to me a few days ago, and as usual the ADHD “let’s do it NOW!” kicked in, and I ran with it.

I’d gone through some saved items on my tablet, and one of Leonie Dawson’s workbooks was in the list, reminding me of how she created her multi-million dollar business. Later I was thinking about the sale I was having, and how even at some of those prices, in this economy, that amount can be a lot, especially if multiple sessions are needed.

Cue shower lightbulb.

Instead of individual services, I’m going all-in:

For $99 you purchase 15 hours -that’s 900 minutes! – of time!

This is essentially the Retainer Plan (thirty 30-minute sessions) for 1/3 the original $300 price, and a longer time period.

The 900 minutes are good for a year, you can use them whenever you need them, and the can also be used for your family or pets! Sessions will be a minimum of 20 minutes, and a maximum of 90.

All this for one low, super-super low, price!

I feel that this will fit better with everyone’s wallet, and knowing that you can shoot me a text (best for something that came up out of the blue like a migraine) or an email (best for scheduling a day or more in advance) anytime and not worry if you have the money at that time…it’s perfect!

I’ll be updating all the pertinent pages and price listings on the website the rest of this week, but you can purchase your 900 minutes right here, right now!

I’m really, really excited about this, and I hope you are, too!

With love and hope,

Pip ✨🌻

©Pip Miller – March 2023


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