Our Old Man Dog

We have 3 dogs, one of which is a purebred Rottweiler. He’s tall, mellow as can be, and strong. Stubborn, too.

He also starting having difficulty walking this summer. Nothing major, just a limp when he’d been laying down too long, or not getting up as easily as normal. He’s either 7 or 8, we’re not sure.

We give him Glucosamine and all the good stuff, I’ve switched his diet to more meat and less dry food, but the one thing that helps the most is light. If I try to do light on him while he’s laying down, he just wants to roll around and be pet more, so I do what I do with any other being I’m working with, and I use a stuffed animal as a stand-in.

He sleeps when I’m sending, and when he gets up, he moves easier than when he laid down. This winter has, surprisingly, been pretty cold at night, and they’ve all been sleeping and I send him light at least every other day. Not sure he’d be able to go outside without it.

I can’t cure his arthritis, but it makes me happy to know that I can help alleviate his pain so he can move easier. Sending light to animals is always so rewarding because they accept it a lot easier than humans do because they don’t have any preconceived notions about what they think or expect it to do.

I’d love to help you critters (of all kinds!), and you can hire me here. I also, of course, help humans, too!!

With love and hope,

Pip ✨

©Pip Miller – February 2023


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