It’s been a while

Mainly because I’d made the site private while in a deep depression about tanking this opportunity to help beings of all types around the world, but someone on CounterSocial mentioned trying to check out the site, AND there are some things I thought are worthy of posting about. Not healing related.

First: this interview about COVID and how it is a vascular disease, not a respiratory one, and why that’s important.

Second: so many are moving to Spoutible as the newest ‘where do we go as Musky tanks Twitter?’ site, and kids, don’t. Read the TOS, the Privacy Notice, research Bouzy…just don’t, ok?

Third: Wil Wheaton’s latest blog post is amazing.

Fourth: Scientists have found a receptor in the lungs that blocks COVID infection.

And fifth: Dr Hallowell has come up with a new term for ADHD, and I love it SO much. We are VAST, people…VAST. The opening line is a bit misleading; it’s not a trait of ADHD, it is ADHD, but with a better name.

Aside: I could deal with Twitter tanking if there was one place to go to get all the breaking news and advocacy posts, but there isn’t. I can follow my friends on some of the places they’ve chosen as replacements (most have Instagram, so that’s easy), but it’s the news…that’s why we need Twitter. It’s THE place people go, such as everyone in Turkey tweeting their loved ones’ locations to see if they’re ok, to tweet about all the protests and police abuse, the COVID news from Dr Eric Feigl-Ding and T Ryan Gregory (there are many more, but those are two I follow), etc. And that’s why it’s breakdown is so awful.

Anyway…hello, again. 🙂


©Pip Miller – February 2023


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