Baby, it’s cold out there

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Winter really kicked in with a bang, didn’t it?

It’s been one of those months during which I go from feeling ok and in a good mood to everything hurts and I’m as gloomy as you can get. There’s a bit of stress going on, but overall things are ok, so it must just be the weather or something. Who knows.

The half-price sale I’m running will end at midnight New Year’s Eve (MST), I’ve really enjoyed being able to bring some comfort to people in pain or who are sick with one of all the ick going around. (PLEASE wear a mask). It really helps shift my mood, too, on those gloomy days.

Social media is giving me a headache lately, and I’m considering taking January off and seeing what’s still standing when the smoke clears. What are your plans for social media next year?

Not much else to say tonight, just wanted to check in and remind everyone about the sale! You can gift sessions, btw. 🙂

With hope, love, and lots of blankets,

Pip ✨🐧

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  1. excentric says:

    I am off Twitter and Facebook, although I do follow some things/people on Instagram. Doing that Counter Social thing. I am a Tumblr fan, though. No algorithms is a good thing, in my opinion.

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