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It’s a Small Business Sale!

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Today through midnight November 30th (MST), three 30-minute sessions are only $50! Sessions are usually $30 per, and a package of 3 is $75, so this is a fantastic deal!

The three sessions can be spread out over 3 months (so until the last day of February 2023), or you can used them over 3 days or every other day; this is a great option for things like twisting your ankle or even to help with COVID symptoms (no, I cannot cure you of COVID, but I can help alleviate some of the side-effects). It’s also fantastic for pets of all kinds…critters LOVE receiving light!

Purchase your package here, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

With hope and love,

Pip ✨🐧

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Where Do We Go From Here

Now that Musk is nuking Twitter?

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Twitter has been home, even when it got dark and nasty and I wanted to run far, far away. I was never able to cut the cord, though. I have a locked account, with a select group of friends who are so dear to me that I could never face losing them, and then I have a public account, which I don’t list in the menu because it’s now mainly just rage retweets about COVID deniers and politics and other things that made me want to run away in the past.

The ‘hell hole’*, the ‘doomscrolling site”…I’m sure there are more nicknames I’m not aware of, but no matter what, we stayed. Because it’s the hub; the hub of news, organizing, advocacy, the disability community, black Twitter…it’s the place I go to immediately to get the news before it’s even news, especially about anything going on around town. And many are saying (I was one) that the destruction of the site is purposeful, to dismantle that hub, to send us all to the far corners of the internet and make us easier to manipulate and stonewall. Just look at who owns Musk, and you’ll get what we’re saying.

As such, Twitter has been filled with, “Find me here (x) if the site goes down!!”, myself included. I’ve joined Counter.Social, which has been the best decision I’ve made in ages. Soooo friendly, helpful, and it feels good. It’s NOT Twitter, so don’t go in guns blazing or promoting the bejeesus out of yourself right out of the gate; you’ll go over like a lead balloon. It’s a community, and there’s a helpful guide to tell you how to navigate the site, and the whole place is really, really wonderful. Think of Twitter when it was nice. Many have headed to Mastodon, but I’ve read enough about it over the years to feel it’s not a path I want to follow. I don’t have a paid account (the site is crowdfunded) on Counter.Social (CoSo for short), so I don’t have a landing page to link to, but you can search me under HealingHobbit there if you join**.

I also can’t seem to walk away from Tumblr this time around, something I wish had happened years ago when I used my favorite username (which I’ve lost on CoSo, too), because once you delete an account, that name can never be used again. *sigh* – It’s interesting how some sites will allow them to be, and others are a definite no. Anyway, I’m there as EavesdownAbbey, a name I came up with years ago based on Firely (natch), and finally bought the domain. Because…I really don’t know. I just did. (Thank you ADHD brain…I think) And before you say , “Isn’t Tumblr dead??”, no, not even close! It’s a huge site for neurodivergent, transgendered, and disabled souls, etc…I’ve found out more about AuDHD there than anywhere else. Add to that, Neil Gaiman is there, Lynda Carter (yes, Wonder Woman), Mary Robinette Kowal, Tor Books, and more, like NASA, Ryan Reynolds, National Geographic, and Wil Wheaton. The place is humming. And it’s run by the man who runs WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

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I’m also on Instagram. though that’s really to keep up with people who have left Twitter before now. I rarely post there. And someone snagged my favorite username, but doesn’t even post or follow anyone. Grrr. I wonder if I can talk him out of it…?

So if you’re looking for me beyond this website, that’s where I’m hangin’. Hope to see you!

OH!!!! Holy crap, I almost forgot! I changed the Retainer Plan. Instead of 30 half-hour sessions in 30 days, it’s 30 sessions whenever you need them, for as long as you want to spread them out (I’m thinking a year max), or the 15 hour-long ones for the same. I think that feels better than the smaller time container, and may help people feel better about hiring me using that plan. Fingers crossed!!!

With love and hope,
Pip ✨🐧

*Tumblr has long claimed the nickname “hell site”.

**If you join, know that you cannot, at any time, without creating a new account, change your username. Another something I wish I’d know because that same favorite username is now lost to me…Can you tell I’ve tried a LOT of sites over the years? 🤣


Gratitude and Uncertainty

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It’s a bit of yin and yang these days. Especially on Twitter. The purchase has left many heading for oligarch-free hills, myself included, while many want to stay and not cave in. My dilemma is that I dislike the who, the what, the thinking, the political leaning…everything about that man, and I want to cut ties. On the other hand, I love the site, I get my COVID and other news there, and most importantly, I have friends who aren’t on other platforms, or if they are, they’re platforms I don’t use. It’s a giant Catch-22.

I can’t wait for the election to be over, but at the same time, we’re in for another 2 years (or more) of this ever-increasing violence and deliberate fanning of the flames of hatred. All in the name of what seems like politics, but is, in actuality, about capitalism. Isn’t it always? All I can say is, “Gird your loins!” and watch your back. The yin/yang of the times is not pretty, but humanity has been through worse, and if nothing else, hopefully we’ve learned that we need to support and help each other. Without that, we’re lost.

I wanted to shift mental gears starting this month, and a friend who created an amazing ritual/hand-fasting ceremony for herself (with a hell of a twist!) inspired me to make it a big shift. I decided on a year-and-a-day of focusing on gratitude and being kind to myself. I almost went with ‘self-care’, but that overused phrase doesn’t sit right. More about taking care of ME for a change, sleeping when I’m tired (and am able to), eating better…yeah, being kind to myself. Doesn’t sound big but for me it is.

Which leads me all to the gratitude portion of this fairly rambly post: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you who read this blog, who have followed me through all my whinging and indecision over the years, who have hired me to help you or your beloved critters; without you I wouldn’t be able to experience the joy I get when someone sends me feedback from a session, the feeling of the energy flowing through my hands, the connections made through comments, etc. And it means everything to me. So again, thank you. I appreciate you every single day!

With much love and MUCH hope,

Pip ✨🍂