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Instagram Confuses Me

A week ago I post a short video, that went to Reels, whatever that is, and it has, as of this minute, 126 likes. How? Why??? Where are people seeing it that they are liking it? Sad thing is, not one view of the website. *sigh*

Here’s the link to said short.

Does this make sense to anyone? lol My teakettle is more popular than anything else. Bizarre.

With hope and love,


ETA: the video worked fine in preview. No idea what’s up that now you have to click on the link…

5 thoughts on “Instagram Confuses Me

  1. Reels is their short format video feed that is instagram’s direct competition for tiktok. You can post photos to it (I think it says upload. When you hit the + to add to your feed, it will give you the choice to add to stories (the ones that disappear after 24 hours) to reels (the tiktok-ish one) or to your main feed which is the original we all know how to use.

    It is almost like each instagram account includes three different feeds. My guess is that each one appeals to a different user demographic. Stories…I dunno. I just use that for reposts. The main feed seems to be older, a little more stable, but reels cross pollinates with tictok…a lot of the same, young creators. the Gen Z crowd seems to like it, and it is really popular right now so it might be worth the effort to upload stills to it at least. I’m still trying to figure out how to convert any of this to web visits, But why not shrugs it is a creative outlet, doesn’t really cost anything compared to conventional advertising, and gets my website name in front of eyeballs, Who knows? Maybe someday somebody will order something.


    1. I’m just totally confused why it’s getting so many views and likes. It’s bizarre.

      And thanks for the info: I didn’t understand the difference. I’d forgotten that stories disappear!



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