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Does energy healing love me?

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I’m rereading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – again – and in it she writes that Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer (if you haven’t read – or better yet, listened to, so you can hear the Native words spoken correctly – Braiding Sweetgrass, do it. Do it now. Please. You’ll thank me later. PS: Hoopla, Libby, or Overdrive – all hail the library systems! – probably have it, too)

…anyway…Gilbert writes that Kimmerer asks her students if they believe that the Earth loves them. I say ‘no’, because we abuse the hell out of her, but Dr K says the Earth is looking for some give-and-take, a symbiotic relationship that Native people had always had with the Earth, where all can prosper. Gilbert now asks her writing students if they believe writing loves them, which is met with a resounding no and stories of how evil writing treats them. Yet they all still want to continue being writers. I feel that.

This all got me thinking about the energy healing I do, and if I think it loves me. And I think it does. Because whenever I help a being of any type feel better or ease their suffering, even just a bit, I feel amazing. I feel like I hit the jackpot of ways to spend your life, and I know that the energy/light loves me for being its conduit, and for guiding it to those in need of help. Because I may say that “I help”, but it’s not me. I just let the energy know who, and I send it their way. I keep, in a way, keep the energy focused, because I’m sure there are a zillion calls for help all day long, so I’m sort of saying (in my head), “There. Over there. Now stay on the path. Don’t wander off. No…back…come on…you’re almost finished…and, done! Well done, you!”

We have a great relationship. 😊

So if you’d like to make both me and the healing energy/light happy, here’s where you pay for a session! We’re just waiting to spread the love!

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It’s fall, and I’m off-kilter

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There’s a lot going on, and the early, cool nights, rain (YAY!!!), and relief from the relentless push of summer, has me just wanting to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I’ve been trying to come up with blogs posts, but I’ve run out of things to say about the work I do. Again. It’s frustrating because I know frequent blogging is essential for SEO. What can a body do, though?

Instead I’ve spent too much time, way too much time, on too many social media platforms: Twitter is a lot lately with COVID denial and politics; CounterSocial is cool and super friendly, but not a single person I know is on it; Tumblr for the pretty pictures and lots of ADHD and ASD posts; Instagram, well, the teakettle is still getting tons of likes (wtf?); then there’s blogs, websites, YouTube…the level of escapism from what I don’t want to do because I have not made a living doing what I want is at DefCon 1.

I’ve taken to quietly sending light to friends, family, and pets, and not pushing the marketing. I’m rereading some of the Discworld series (especially the ones centered around Death because he’s a favorite), put a bunch of books on hold at the library, removed apps from my phone to help me step away from being online constantly, and am trying to write more. In notebooks. Of which I have too many going at once. And telling myself over and over – and over – that I am NOT buying another planner for next year because I do not plan. Stop it already. Use the dang calendar hanging on the door. It served for decades and decades; step back from the planner trend, ok?

I’m trying to find my balance in this time of imbalance, and I don’t know about you, but it’s not going smooth. So for now I’ll just sit here in my fleece pajamas and my hoodie, listening to a thunderstorm on YouTube, and maybe take a nap.

I hope you’re all doing well.

With hope and love,

Pip 🐧

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Instagram Confuses Me

A week ago I post a short video, that went to Reels, whatever that is, and it has, as of this minute, 126 likes. How? Why??? Where are people seeing it that they are liking it? Sad thing is, not one view of the website. *sigh*

Here’s the link to said short.

Does this make sense to anyone? lol My teakettle is more popular than anything else. Bizarre.

With hope and love,


ETA: the video worked fine in preview. No idea what’s up that now you have to click on the link…