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The Ingrained Push to Do Something, Anything

The past few weeks caught up with me this weekend, and I slept in on Sunday, which was glorious. Later, my guy needed to stretch out because of his back, so I climbed back in bed, too. I caught myself, half-asleep, thinking, I should read more of that book on Kindle – and then I thought, why??? I’m exhausted, I can barely keep my eyes open, and yet I should be reading instead??

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I’d just read in Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker that our brain uses 20% of our energy, that our daily energy is finite, and that every decision, email, text, scroll, etc we fill our days with drains that energy. Which is why most of us are fried by 3 or 4.

As I contemplated all of this, it dawned on me that even when I’m ‘relaxing’, I’m not. I’m doing. Something. Anything. I’m reading a book, spending too much time on the internet, making list of things I need to do…and on and on. Even if I sit outside to enjoy the weather (it’s finally cool enough to do that again!!), it’s with a book. Or I’m sending light. It’s never just to sit and watch the clouds.

No wonder we’re all so exhausted all the time. We all have that ingrained “must be doing something, idle hands are the devil’s…something…and we never, ever stop and just BE. The trauma of the ongoing pandemic, unacknowledged grief, the collapse of the climate, having to make an income in the midst of all this so we don’t end up homeless…it’s too much. Simply too damned much. And some of all this ‘doing’ is to distract us from the simply too damned much.

I’m planning on stepping back from my public Twitter for the month of September, scheduling posts and checking notifications, but skipping the doomscrolling. The drain on my energy is palpable, and I need every bit of it back that I can get.

What do you think of Substack? It’s basically a newsletter service, and I don’t really understand the difference between it and writing a blog post, but what’s your opinion?

Anyway, happy Monday! Take breaks, eat a little bit of protein every now and then through the day, say no to anything that will overwhelm you, and breathe. Slowly and deeply.

With hope and love,

Pip ✨🌻

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Animals and Palliative Energy Healing

Why are the two such a good match?

What kind of animals can it help?

Is there anything you need to do while your animal is

receiving energy healing (or light, as I call it)?

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Excellent questions!

First, the reason I think animals and palliative energy healing are such a great match is that animals just accept it, no questions asked. There aren’t any subconscious doubts about whether or not it will work, no worries about what people might say if they find out about the energy healing, no religious preconceptions about alternative healing and if it’s the work of the “dark side”…none of that.

I can tell that some animals take a minute or two to understand what’s going on as I start sending light to them, but once the “wait, what’s that?” moment is over, they just settle in and receive. Many times with a big sigh and a ‘get comfortable’ movement, and the light just flows. I love that feeling when I can tell they said, ‘oh, ok!’.

Second question: any and all types!!! I’ve helped horses, dogs, and cats mostly, but I’m happy to help your ant farm, your pet iguana, the bat you rescued…if it’s breathing, I’m here to help ease its suffering. Oh! There was a crow once, too!

And lastly, nope, not a thing. Really. If you normally cuddle your critter, go ahead and do so. If it’s living in a tank, let it be. The light goes where it’s needed, and the more we let it do its work without getting in the way, the better. That’s something I had a hard time with when I was doing in-person sessions on humans; I would let my head and what I thought was ‘supposed’ to happen interfere with the light, rather than stepping back and just letting it flow as I did when I first started doing sessions. It was hard to face that I was doing so, but it led to doing distance sessions, and I love, love, love being able to send light around the world!

I hope that helps you to understand a bit more about the work I do, and I just want to remind you that I’ve extended the ‘pay what you can‘ for the rest of the month for all sessions except the retainer (which is half price).

I look forward to helping your beloved pet’s days and nights!

With love and hope,

Pip 🌻✨

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Palliative Care: My Missing Puzzle Piece

Wed night I was doomscrolling* and came across this by Martha Crawford.

The word palliative caused a bell to go off in my head, and as I read the entire thread, the missing puzzle piece that I’ve been searching for all these years of energy healing, *click*, fell into place.

I’ve never quite know how to describe what I do, or how to ‘niche’ myself; I just wanted to help everyone and all beings on the planet. Even the planet itself. And that unknowing has been detrimental in so many ways as far a telling the world about my work…but know I have the answer.

I’ve helped many who had a one session quick-healing happen. But as I was reading that thread I realized that I’ve helped the most when it came to long-term issues. I helped two horses walk peacefully through their final years. I worked alongside Western medicine bring a cat back from death’s door. I’ve sent light to my mom over the years (she was my very first distance session) for her long-term health issues, and now to my sister for her particular pain.** There are many, many more who have had multiple sessions with me to help ease their pain; I just never knew it was palliative care.

One of my favorite things about doing long-term, or even just 3 sessions, is that I learn something from each session and am able to tweak what I do, all with helping as much as I can as my focus.

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I’m not saying, as I make of point of bringing up every now and again, that I can heal chronic issues, cancer, COVID, etc. But, as palliative care does, I can help ease the suffering.

It’s Friday now, and I was so excited about the connection that I couldn’t sleep Wednesday night and had to get up and draft this post. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and it feels really good. Helping to ease the suffering of all types of beings is what I do. Yay!

PS: Did you know my Pay What You Can sort of sale is still going on? The Retainer plan is a set $125 for now, though. Purchase a session as you usually do, just put in the amount you can afford, or the $125. The Dare Session is also pay what you can.

With love and hope,

Pip 🌻✨

*you knew which site I meant immediately, didn’t you. 😂

**admittedly not as consistently as I intend to. Sorry, you two. I’ll work on that! ❤️

PS: I’m learning to use footnotes instead of writing long additions to sentences in parenthesis. It only took how many years for me to learn that? 🙄