The Day Twitter Changed

It’s been bought*. And not by someone who is going to do it any good, because he doesn’t do anything any good, right? So many are now ambivalent about the site, myself included, lots are leaving, and some refuse to go.

I love Twitter, even though it has a tendency to make me really anxious at times, but overall, it’s my go-to for everything. Up-to-the-minute news, especially about the fires here in NM, it’s where I go to find out “what was that noise??”, what my friends are up to, how the not-over pandemic is going…everything. I can find stuff out quicker there than anywhere else.

But that man. Another just-in-it-for-me white male is taking something over and, from all accounts, is going to twist and turn it into something awful. And, most likely, that will help those we don’t want to have any more control in this country than they already do. It seems like it’s going to turn into another Telegram/F*x (cough) News, and that makes me sad.

But what breaks my heart is that, again, there will be friends lost because there isn’t one site everyone would switch to; there’s many, like Discord, Instagram, Slack, etc…I lost a lot of close friends when I left FB because of Zuck, and to lose more will hurt.

Today is a sad, sad day.

©Pip Miller – April 2022

*Not yet, but it’s still changed.


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