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The Day Twitter Changed

It’s been bought*. And not by someone who is going to do it any good, because he doesn’t do anything any good, right? So many are now ambivalent about the site, myself included, lots are leaving, and some refuse to go.

I love Twitter, even though it has a tendency to make me really anxious at times, but overall, it’s my go-to for everything. Up-to-the-minute news, especially about the fires here in NM, it’s where I go to find out “what was that noise??”, what my friends are up to, how the not-over pandemic is going…everything. I can find stuff out quicker there than anywhere else.

But that man. Another just-in-it-for-me white male is taking something over and, from all accounts, is going to twist and turn it into something awful. And, most likely, that will help those we don’t want to have any more control in this country than they already do. It seems like it’s going to turn into another Telegram/F*x (cough) News, and that makes me sad.

But what breaks my heart is that, again, there will be friends lost because there isn’t one site everyone would switch to; there’s many, like Discord, Instagram, Slack, etc…I lost a lot of close friends when I left FB because of Zuck, and to lose more will hurt.

Today is a sad, sad day.

©Pip Miller – April 2022

*Not yet, but it’s still changed.


Do you know?

I’ve been finding referrals to this site from something called Traffic Camp or Simple Traffic, and I have no idea what that is. It looks like something you sign up for to get more views to your blog, so does that mean someone is using my url? I’m kind of confused. Anyone know what’s going on?

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Come On Retainer With Me

This post is going to be longer than normal because it includes copies of DMs with Albus the Cat’s owner, Cheri, (used with her permission) to illustrate how I work with clients, what I tell clients, how I send light, etc. I hope the length is worth it!

In Feb, I believe, my friend Cheri tweeted that her cat wasn’t doing well, and I offered to send light. I think I sent once or twice, but not routinely. Just here and there. Time went on and in March she mentioned him again, I offered again, and she suggested a more defined set-up. We eventually ended up figuring out a retainer program in which I would do 30 sessions in 30 days for a set price (I had such a hard time defining a worth for my work, let me tell you). We were both really excited to see what happened! I focused the light on Albus’s midsection rather than full-body to see if we could kick the healing in quickly.

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We began on March 12. Cheri: Right now we are focused on getting him to eat and getting his blood sugar under control. He feels awful pretty much all the time.

Me: I’ll DM before I send today, and I’d be interested to see if it affects his glucose.

Cheri: His glucose went down even though he had some food. He’s under 300 for the first time in several days.

I replied: So interesting! I had a coworker with high blood pressure and she brought in her cuff. Measured, then I worked on her, and it dropped hugely. A couple hours later it was back up, but the experiment was informative.

March 13: They think diabetes, rather than any intestinal issue, has been the primary cause of him feeling sick and losing weight. He will be in the hospital for a couple of days while they try to get his electrolytes and blood sugar in balance. He’s in critical care, but he did eat a little bit on his own, which is super encouraging!

I mentioned wondering what a cat’s glucose should be, and it’s 85-150!

March 14: Update — he is doing so much better. He ate “like a champ” on his own. He is hydrated and his potassium is back where it needs to be. He’s receiving intravenous insulin and the ketones are clearing from his bloodstream. He is definitively on the upswing!! I’m so thankful for the work you are doing for him.

March 15: The vet said that his recovery was very fast for a cat in his condition. So you should know that what you do helps.

I usually send either a tweet before I send and one after, or sometimes just one after, and that was the bulk of what happened during this time.

Then on March 25 Cheri asked: He’s been afraid and hiding during meal times because he doesn’t like taking the antibiotics and getting poked with the needle. Is it possible to focus on that next time? I asked when his meals were and the evening one fit better with my schedule as they are two hours ahead of me. I decided to start the session 15 minutes before he ate and go through til 15 min after to cover all the bases.

Me: I can see if focusing on stress will help, if it doesn’t I’ll do full-body again and maybe that will relax him. This seemed to me to be the best way to deal with his fear. This meant a change in hand placements and focusing somewhat on specific chakras (I even looked up where they are on cats). It ended up that base chakra to heart worked the best.

Photo by Pixabay on *This is no Albus

March 28: We were able to get his medicine in him at dinner last night and this morning. I was surprised this morning that he didn’t run away. I think this is working!

March 30: He has STOPPED running away and hiding! He still doesn’t like the antibiotics but it’s easier to find him and administer on time. After tomorrow he won’t need them anymore so the worst will be over. Thank you so so much!

And then an unexpected downturn and let me tell you, Imposter Syndrome kicked in with a vengeance. I’d been sending light for what, 2 weeks, and then suddenly he’s getting worse?? I was crushed and immediately assumed I wasn’t doing something right. We knew his pancreas was inflamed, so I’d added that to 31st’s session.

April 1, from me: Did his last meds session yesterday and just did pancreas and liver now. Is he feeling ok? Both sessions were a bit more intense than they had been. I can not tell what’s going on in a being when I’m sending light, but I’ve learned in the decade+ that I’ve been doing this that how my hands feel is an indication of how the client is doing.

Cheri replied: I think he’s not doing as well as he was last week. I can’t tell for sure because he doesn’t have a monitor on anymore. It’s so frustrating. I have a feeling his blood sugar is high a lot.

Me: Yeah, when I did the pancreas/liver, the flow was like it was when I first started the sessions this month. He’ll have daily p/l sessions, and I’m going to do a bit of research and see if there’s somewhere else I should be focusing on to help those areas. Something that is contributing to the problems. Kidneys come to mind, but I’m not certain. I did research kidneys and they do play into it a bit.

It was then discovered that he’d become allergic to his prescribed food. I felt such relief that it wasn’t something that I was doing, and that the problem was easily fixable.

On the 3rd I DM’d: Did some middle of the night lightwork. Flow was different, I could actually feel it moving along my palm. I don’t know what that means, but I hope it’s good. 🤞This one was cool. I had one session where it felt like popcorn was popping in my palms, but I’d never felt the energy moving along my palm! I also let her know that I switched the stuffed animal I was using, and this one is smaller and it seems to be working better. My hand covers the entire length of its body, neck to tail, which was probably why I could feel the energy moving. I will have a feeling as to where to place my hands on the stuffed animal I’m using, and if the flow doesn’t feel ‘right’, I’ll switch to something else. Sometimes where I think the light should be focused isn’t where Spirit wants it. None of this is about me (even though there’s that Imposter Syndrome lurking), so I just follow orders, so to speak. lol By switching stuffed animals, I was able to cover a larger area, which it seems was what was needed.

Photo by Teresa Howes on

He felt better the next day and I continued late afternoon sessions (Cheri had determined that he seemed to feel better in the mornings) using the same stuffed animal, but that feeling didn’t return.

On the 5th I wrote: I did 45 min. My hands were tingling so much that I just kept going. Sometimes when a session is finished, my hands feel overly-full of energy, like Spirit is saying, “Enough.” And sometimes the flow just has a certain something I can’t explain that tells me to keep doing what I’m doing. I then did 45 minutes for his final sessions because it felt right to me.

On April 7th Cheri wrote: I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you’ve done for Albus. Especially in those first couple weeks when he was really touch and go. I know that he is better off from having your support. And my heart sang.

The month was about over, it had been a wild experiment during which we both were fascinated to see the changes, and the following are final updates from Cheri.

April 9 (his last session): Update on him — I’ve been noticing him gaining weight, and when I picked him up just now, he feels SO much heavier than he has in months! I can’t really feel his backbone anymore. Whatever allergic reaction he had to the food the other day is completely gone now too. He really seems to be improving significantly!!

April 12: Update on Bus — his blood glucose is actually LOW! But he doesn’t exhibit any signs of hypoglycemia. He is energetic, playing, happy, curious — our boy is back! And he has gained a full pound in the last ten days. The doctor wants to keep him on insulin for the next several weeks and do another follow up. But he is doing amazing. Pip — I know in my gut that your work with him has supported his recovery. Especially the speed with which he recovered in the hospital and even over the last week. I’m so thankful to you and for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Photo by Andre Furtado on

I asked if the vet was surprised.

Cheri replied that, She is definitely surprised by him not having any hypoglycemic symptoms. …I am definitely surprised at his fast weight gain. It felt like it happened overnight. One day he was thin and the next he was a big cat again.

April 13: I just read the discharge notes from the vet and she was amazed by how much weight he gained so quickly!

And today, just as I was getting set to copy everything and begin this post, there was a DM from Cheri!

April 18: From the vet this morning: “I received Albus’ full recheck bloodwork back and I am THRILLED to let you know that it looks amazing! His previous moderately decreased red blood cell count has fully normalized. His chemistry panel also looks great, including the liver enzymes and proteins which were abnormal when he was sick.

I couldn’t be happier with how much he has clinically improved along with his bloodwork improvements.”

How cool is that?!?! Now yes, of course we both understand that he’s been on medications and prescribed foods to control the diabetes, but the fact that the vet is even surprised at how well he’s done in such a short time means, at least to me, that under normal circumstances a cat that sick taking those same meds and food would not have done as well so quickly. Does that seems so to you?

This retainer program has be so psyched! I would love to help people with Long-COVID, and those with chronic illnesses, chronic migraines, oh, all manner of issues! I know I can’t cure them, but I’m SO curious to see the ways in which the light could help!! I think, as a matter of fact, that I may offer a 15 session retainer; same price, but each session is every other day for an hour, instead of 30 for 30 minutes. That way people have a choice, and it’s obvious that longer sessions do make a difference.

Thank you for sticking with the very long post! I hope it has given you an idea of what goes on if you hire me!

With hope and love,

Pip ✨🌻

©Pip Miller – April 2022

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Sleepy sweet Saturday

I’m sitting by the window, clouds moving in, breeze tickling my bare arms with bits of cold…and I feel awful. Asthma attack yesterday in the wee hours and I’m still trying to breathe normally and I’ve had a headache ever since. It’s too chilly for me to sit outside, so this is my compromise. I had errands planned, but that’s not going to happen. I might not even shower.

Nah, I will. It’ll warm me up.

I woke early, fed the zoo (three animals can be a zoo, correct?), and then sent light to a dog in Canada. It’s interesting how I’ll get a feeling or thought while sending that I need to switch up the hand placements before I’m finished, and this morning the paw I was working with became the hindquarters, which took in more light than the paw. Limping can cause the hips (hindquarters in animals) to compensate and become themselves a bit off, and I’ve also read that dogs hold their stress in that area. Whatever the reason, this pet needed the light there, and I have no idea how I knew that -and I don’t need to know how, but it’s still curious to me. Intuition? Subconscious information from the universe? Who knows. It’s always right, though, that much I do know.

I have a post coming up that will be about the retainer I just finished (not sure how to describe that better). It’ll be DMs I exchanged with the cat’s owner, and in them you’ll see how I work with the client, how I do the lightwork, how sometimes the ‘verse doesn’t give me info and I have to work out what’s best on my own (the nerve! 😂)and also, best of all, the feedback from Albus’ owner, Cheri!

Enjoy your weekend! I’m off to read this sobriety resource blog on Holly Whitaker’s site.

With love and hope,

Pip ✨🌻

PS: I’ve been scrolling through Tumblr – and scrolling and scrolling – and while I know it’s a learning curve and it’s not quite as straightforward as Twitter, FB, or IG, I love it there. I’m Eavesdown Abbey, if you want to check out my feed.

©Pip Miller – April 2022

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“There is no way she would pay for them. Sorry.”

This post’s title was in response to me mentioning in an email that someone in need, for whom I did a couple free sessions, could purchase 30 sessions for the price of 10. I was then asked why I was giving away 2/3 of the sessions for free when people assume that more expensive things have worth, and cheaper ones don’t.

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The answer, which I sent back in caps, is that, by and large, no one wants to pay for sessions. But that’s not true.

The reality is that I see someone post that they (or their pet) are in pain, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, and it’s too damned hard to just sit on my hands and not offer to help. For free. Because offering to help and then telling them where to purchase a session is just…icky. So while, yes, there are those who will shoot me a payment – or even put me on retainer (you all know who you are, and thank you!), overall the sessions have been free, and it’s all my fault! So then I try high prices, low prices, package deals, wicked sales… but I’ve created a ‘why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free’ “business”.

The reply was to stop doing sessions for free, that I’m worth more than that, as is what I do. And I’ve tried to so very, very many times. But again, it’s hard to know I can help and not offer to help. So I offer, because it’s impossible not to.

I’m at a loss. All I’ve ever wanted since I found out I can do this, is to do this, and make my living at it, as so many others do with their passions and purpose in life. It fills my soul and my heart with such joy that no other work compares.

So yes, I am no longer doing sessions for free as of today. Which means not offering to help – that’s going to be incredibly difficult. Saying, “oh, bummer, that really sucks” instead of “Would you like me to send light?” is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And there’s a good chance that means this will all end when it’s time to re-up the website in June (I think. July? Not sure) because of it.

BTW, to those that I have offered sessions to, please do not take this to mean anything negative aimed at you; I was happy to help, believe me. This is aimed at me. It’s all on me. And I know it.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Any suggestions on how to change all this?

With hope and love (and a lot of frustration with myself),

Pip 🌻✨

My Mom’s short version suggestion when I told her about this post and what brought it on: ‘I am sorry to announce that I can no longer do free sessions. If you value my work and the benefits it brings you, please use (whatever you use) to pay for your sessions. Here are my current rates.’ That’s my mom: succinct as hell. She rocks. BTW, I use Venmo. And my rates are here.

©Pip Miller – April 2022

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April Fish!

When I was in high school eons ago, I took French for one year, and our teacher taught us about ‘april fish’. The phrase has stuck with my friend Elendae and I ever since.

It’s a gorgeous spring day; the breeze is blowing, the door is open, beautiful clouds in the sky…and yet, I’m freezing. If I had enough energy to take a shower, I’d go sit in the sun and warm up, but I don’t. So I’m in a hoodie, under a blanket, typing away at my beloved laptop, instead of enjoying the weather. It’s so quiet, and I feed on that. Too much noise and loudness really gets to me. He’s asleep because his back is really hurting today, I’ve been watching -on my usual ‘only audible to me’ super-low volume – Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World, which is giving me a ton of anxiety (especially when they say we’ll hit our ‘carbon budget‘ by 2030) but needs to be watched. We must face what’s going on and prepare in whatever ways we can, because it’s coming. Humanity has pushed until there’s no turning back unless seriously drastic measures are taken, and we all know those in the money don’t want that to happen.

Anyway. Enough stress.

I did 3 sessions this morning, and one thing I’m sometimes asked is “can you tell what’s wrong?”. The answer is no. I can only feel the flow — I say ‘flow’, but I don’t even know if that’s the right way to describe it. I don’t feel movement, like a flow of a river, it’s more, I don’t know…pressure? Sometimes it’s barely there, which can be a sign that the client isn’t seriously sick or in a lot of pain; sometimes it’s so intense I feel the pressure for a while after the session is over. That can be blocked chakras, intense pain or illness…I just never know. On one hand I wish I had the ability to know, but on the other I think that would be a lot of pressure on me, and if what I ‘knew’ was wrong, I would feel horrible for having misinformed someone, ya know?

The most I do, as today, is ask if the receiver is feeling ok,, that the ‘flow’ was more intense than expected (or that it had been previously), and many times the answer is surprise that I could tell something had changed, or that there is more going on than we suspected. Once I did a session for someone (I think I’ll start using ‘for’ instead of ‘on’ because none of the sessions are in-person and haven’t been for a long time) and it felt like popcorn was popping in my palms! It was the most bizarre feeling, and it’s never happened again. I did have a session not long ago where it felt more like fireworks going off – little ones, not the boomers, but still. For some reason I quit writing down how the sessions feel to me, so I don’t remember what this particular sending was for.

Back to the weather. The clouds are coming in darker. Maybe it will rain again. There are a few unexpected dandelions in the yard, but no other flowers. I’d love to plant some for the bees, but it’s one of those ‘paper or plastic’ questions: do I use water to grow plants in the middle of aridification of the southwest, or do I save the bees without which we’ll all die anyway? Six of one, half a dozen of the other. It’s a dilemma.

Enough for now, sparkling water is calling to me. Happy April, everyone!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – April 2022