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Put Me On Retainer

Something new has been presented to me, and I love it so much that I’m making it a permanent part of my services!

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My friend Cheri, who lives in Maine, has a sick cat, and I’ve sent him light a few times and he responds well to it. He had another bad day recently and when I mentioned sending light again, she joked that she should put me on retainer – and we ran with it! I’m now on a month’s retainer for a price that made both of us happy.

This works perfectly for me and allows me to continue to work from home, and it benefits my client because she knows exactly what she’s getting for that month and that price. Major win-win!

Who would benefit from a plan like this?

  • Someone (or an animal) with a chronic illness for whom a regular energetic boost would make a huge difference
  • An elderly person or animal who doesn’t need yet another medication to help them get through the day
  • Migraine sufferers
  • Those with depression or anxiety
  • Anyone going through chemo or radiation
  • Anyone with a broken bone
  • COVID or long-COVID (no, I can’t cure you, but I can help ease the symptoms)
  • The list goes on

I’m so excited about this that I’m offering a 30-day retainer for the super-reasonable price of $250! Check out more information here!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – March 2022

PS: Wondering what happened to Cheri’s cat? I wrote a (fairly long) post about it!!

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