Under Construction

Yep. Going to ‘private’ the website til at least the 10th because there’s a lot I need to do to it, such as fixing links, consolidating some of the pages, adding testimonials, etc. And it’s easier to do when it’s ‘private’ because if I mess something up (like losing the Subscribe button), no one will notice. 😂

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I’m considering taking a break from the website’s Twitter account, too. Again. That site, man…I keep getting sucked back in and times like these I just retweet mostly, and that’s not helping anyone. Time for a mental health recalibration!

Take it easy, be safe, and I’ll see you soon!

With love and hope,

Pip 🌻✨

One thought on “Under Construction

  1. Good plan. Avoiding Twitter is an even better one. Twitter is so toxic. So much crap going on, and all we can do is retweet and make other people as miserable as it’s making us. Retweeting does not fix anything, a lesson I am working on learning. Was thinking of a blog post related to something going on I read about in a newsletter. Not that it will help, either, but sometimes it helps me to write things down. 🙂

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