Is there an emoji con? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. 😂

So prompt 12 of Bloganuary is ‘what emojis do you like to use’?

I’m old-school, still banging away on a keyboard in front of a desktop (though I have a shiny new laptop as of yesterday – Thanks, Mom!), so I still tend to do emoticons more often then emojis because they involve pulling up a separate keyboard. But I have been using them more because, well, they’re cute! And they say alot with just an image, and sometimes I’m at a loss as to how to express my meaning without writing a novel in the process. 😎

Watching me through the living room window.

I tend to use 😂,🤣,😎 the most, followed by 🔥,👇,👏, usually one or more of which go on excellent tweets, and for my energy healing work, I go with 🌻✨. I like sunflowers, and the stars are meant to show the facets of the light I send. I could use a rainbow, but a prism would be even better, if there was one. I also would like using a lighthouse, to stand for “Be the light”, but I don’t have one on my phone or this virtual keyboard.

You know what I would really love? My friend has an iPhone and they have something called a Memoji, where you created emojis that look like you! Hers are appropriately witchy, with her nose and earrings visible. I love that!!!

Anyway…those are my go-to emojis, my go-to emoticons are still 🙂 and one I came up with for blowing a raspberry; :p~~~~~. Because I’m 12 and needed it. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh! I also tend to do emojis in triplicate. No idea why, I just do.

I’m off to feed the birds (the roadrunner is outside, calling for his/her piece of lunchmeat – one piece, very thin, once a day; not trying to make them tame) and then send light!

Happy Wednesday!!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022


To Live Boldly

Not something I know about, honestly.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m much more of a ‘go with the flow’ person, and about the only time I ever really lived boldly was when I took that first step towards a life of helping others. The rest of my life has been moving where others wanted to live, choosing the easy way more often that not with regards to work…just being. Never really rocking the boat as much as letting it float wherever it wants to.

I wish I was bold. It would be nice to have the push to make big changes, to take chances, to think more outside the box and take those leaps rather than let life carry me along. There’s something to be said for going with the flow, but there were times in my life when not having the moxie to stand up for myself meant decisions that I’ve ended up regretting. Ah, well. Six of one, half a dozen of another, right?

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: yesterday, long after being more cynical than I had planned in the last post, I had a bit of a meltdown; a good ol’ ranting and raving, slamming cabinet doors, tantrum. No details needed, but it did release a lot of tension that had been building. So much frustration about a particular situation, and nothing to do with it all, ya know?

Onwards to the next prompt!

©Pip Miller – January 2022


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

It’s been the big ol’ buzzword for how many years now? Make a gratitude list, keep a gratitude journal, express gratitude in everything you do, Gratitude clothes, accessories, stickers, tattoos, journals….you name it, someone has made money off it.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Sounding cynical, I know. It’s not that, it’s more that writing a gratitude journal can help you see more of the little things in life, but contrary to what gratitude is sold as, it won’t change your life. Not in the big ways that hold us back. It’s the same with the Law of Attraction; yeah, think positive thoughts, but that isn’t going to change your crappy situation at work, you know? Your positive thoughts aren’t going to make that CEO give his multi-million dollar bonus to the workers, now is it?

I don’t like over-simplification in that way. If all it took to ‘succeed’ in life was a grateful heart and positive thoughts, I’d have a thriving business, helping people and animals all over the world. But I don’t. Because the mechanics of running a business are something I have a hard time wrapping my brain around. Period. A positive thought or “I’m grateful for” isn’t going to replace understanding SEO and being content-driven, niching down, etc. It just won’t.

And why would anyone have the gall to tell another person that happy thoughts will change your poverty, the way the world treats you because of the color of your skin or your religion…and even worse, that if you don’t have those happy thoughts and that grateful heart, it’s all your bloody fault that things are wrong. What???

I’m not knocking anyone who truly believes in the power of gratitude, not at all. I’m just of the mind that it’s not a panacea for the ills of the world.

Wow, this post did not go in the direction I thought it was. Hunh.

As a matter of fact, I’m taking a week off Twitter because I’m just swimming in anger and fear and worry, and it’s really affecting my outlook and mental health. It’s hard to stay positive when the disconnect between the reality of what is going on is so far from too many people acting as if everything is ‘normal’.

On that note, my gratitude list for this prompt is this:

1: I am beyond thankful to have the privilege to stay home during this apocalypse. I planned ahead and that planning is serving me well.

2: I am grateful that there are people in my world who understand the severity of what is going on, so that I don’t feel like I’m beating my head against the wall when I’m super stressed about new information and numbers.

3: I am grateful that years ago I began feeding birds in the yard, because their daily presence (especially the crows all winter and the roadrunners year-round) give me something amazing and curious to watch and learn from. It helps take my head of out of the black hole it can slide into.

4: I’m grateful my mom asked my sister and I, when the pandemic began, to keep in contact via email daily. Our family has a tendency to be distant (it’s a generational thing, not sure why), and this has brought us closer. It also allows my sister and I to keep tabs on Mom. None of us are getting any younger, that’s for sure.

5: Most of all, I’m glad that everyone I know is ok. So far we’ve only lost one person to COVID complications, and considering my son lives in one of the hardest hit states and he stands alone in mask-wearing and being vaccinated among his coworkers, he is healthy at this very moment, and so is his family. I pray to whatever is out there that this continues; that last little bit of rubber band that’s holding me together would snap in a moment if any of them got sick.

And that, my dears, is my prompt post for January 10.

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I will NOT argue any point concerning the pandemic, so please don’t jump into my comments to start something. Ain’t happening.

PPS: I may be off Twitter for the week, but I am still doing distance sessions (I will ALWAYS be doing distance sessions, til I’m old and gray…er).

Be safe out there, everyone. Please.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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What Do I Like About My Writing

Bloganuary prompt #8.

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t like my writing because it’s not polished and perfectly content-oriented to achieve a goal like you see absolutely everywhere now. It all has a purpose, and I rarely do.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve learned to appreciate how I write. It took a long time, but I am who I am, and I write how I write. I’m very much off the cuff, off the top of my head – an idea pops into my head or something catches my interest and I want to tell everyone about it! I’ve discovered that I might have ADHD (not the H part so much, though), and that could explain the “Oooh, shiny!” aspect of how I write.

I also tend to go off on tangents, and use lots of parenthesis and ellipses…I love me an ellipse for some reason… but I manage to pull it back to my main point in the end. Most of the time.

Aside: did you know Katharine Hepburn didn’t seem to be big on punctuation and tended to use dashes in place of most of it? So I’m ok with my ellipses. 😎

And that, my dears, is a short and sweet prompt post!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

BTW, I spent today (Friday) sending light to a family with COVID. I wish I had a magic ability and could ‘poof’ make it go away, but I can’t. But I seem to be able to alleviate some of the symptoms according to people I helped in 2020. And that makes my heart sing. All I want is to help others feel better, and boosting their body’s innate healing ability is something that’s in my wheelhouse.

I’m here if you need me.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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A Bloganuary Hiccup

Haven’t been feeling well, and the 4th prompt, ‘what was your favorite toy?’, didn’t light me up, and today’s ‘what do you wish you knew’ didn’t either. I’m considering opening a book at random, seeing what word or phrase jumps out at me, and writing a post about that. I’m just not really feeling the prompts, but I still want to participate in the challenge of blogging daily, or as near as I can while being sick.

All the books I want to re-read right this very second. Almost all of them.
BTW, read The Heart’s Code; fascinating book about organ transplants and how they affect the recipient.

If the prompts aren’t really prompting you, are you going to find an alternate method to keep you going, too? Do tell!

I’d love to be of service to you, too! Check out what I do, and let’s get your pet scheduled!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

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When I Left My Comfort Zone

Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “write about the last time you left your comfort zone”, but that has to do with COVID stuff, and I’m already overly stressed about that, so instead I want to write about one of the biggest times I left that zone and how it changed my life.

I’ve written about this on my blog, but for those new to me, I’ll start fresh!

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

For about two decades I worked on-and-off at a metaphysical shop. There were, of course, psychics and card readers, and I would get a reading every now and again. Numerous times I was told that I was a healer, and frankly, I thought they’d all lost their minds. I was anything but a nurse or a doctor; I could lend a great ear to those who needed to talk, but that wasn’t healing in my mind.

A little over a decade ago, an acquaintance got a card reading, we started talking about it, and he mentioned she had told him he was meant to be a teacher. Which he is was, and is. I blurted out the thing about being a healer, and he instantly said, “Oh, you are!” This, from someone I knew somewhat, but not really in depth.

Fine, universe, I get the message.

Amazingly, the very next day one of the readers came in limping. She’d wrenched her knee somehow and was in a lot of pain. When she went back to the reading room to set up for the day, I literally, and I mean literally, walked back and forth behind the counter, arguing with myself.

Let me preface what comes next by mentioning that not long after starting at the shop – about 9 years or so earlier – I’d been initiated (is that the word?) in First Degree Reiki. Hadn’t done a thing with or about it since, but hand placements popped into my head when my friend was talking about her knee.

So. I’m walking back and forth, arguing under my breath, “Go, ask her if you can help her knee!”, “NO, I’ve never done this, why would she say yes??”, “GO. ASK!”, “But what if nothing happens?”, “Just ask, already.”, for probably 10 or more minutes (I always say it was 1/2 an hour, but it wasn’t. I don’t think). I finally said, “Screw it” and went and asked if I could – putting my hands in a sort of Reiki-like position as I’m talking – try and see if I could help.

Instantly she said yes. Not a pause, not a hesitation, just “YES!” I will forever be grateful to her for that.

She sat down, I kneeled in front of her, placed on hand behind her knee and the other on the front, and…waited. Within a minute she began telling me that my hands immediately became hot (I couldn’t feel it), she was seeing purple in, as she put it, swooshes, like when someone is skiing and swooshing left and right, a key, and some other things.

Say what? I was floored, forgive the pun. About 5 (?) minutes after I started, another customer came in, so we had to stop. My friend stood up and told me that the pain was almost gone and it felt like there was a big brace around her knee, stabilizing it. And that the images she saw and the key meant that this was the path I was supposed to be walking.

I’m honestly not sure how I got through the rest of the day, I was flying so high!

The next day someone else mentioned a problem, I asked if I could help, got feedback, did the same the day after that…and we were off. Even people who said they didn’t have any intuition or psychic abilities mentioned colors or feelings, and almost everyone mentioned a feeling of calmness and release. The ones who did, especially the ones I worked with, gave vivid feedback including “it felt like angel wings inside”, or “like little dwarves hammering lightly on that spot, and then the light jumped over my head and into my heart”. And colors. Always colors. Lots of purples, but once is was ‘green apples’.

Then one woman mentioned connecting with her guru who lived in India during the session (say what?), and a few years later I was told by people in other countries that “we’d had a nice chat about what was going on” as I was sending light, sitting with my hands on my teddy bear, in New Mexico. No phone, no Skype, nada. So how….?

The fact that we are all connected really hit home when I was told this.

And that, my dears, is how I left my comfort zone and changed my life.

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I wrote about this a couple years ago, too.

©Pip Miller – January 2022


Bloganuary Prompt 1

Still struggling with ‘bloganuary’, honestly. lol

Today’s prompt is “What advice would you give to your teenage self?”

Oh, this could be a book just in-and-of itself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wow. I guess I thought the prompts would be something simple like, oh, “blue”, not “dig deep into your soul and start facing the shadows.” This is going to be an interesting month.

There really is so, so much I would tell myself, like wear what you like, your feet will thank you for comfortable shoes, keep walking every day, put that alcoholic drink down and never pick up another, STOP EATING ALL THOSE REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS (and potato chips), stop, breathe, and then decide (you don’t have to make decisions on the spot), learn how to meditate; the list goes on.

But the biggest thing (without getting too, too personal) would be to know you are good enough. Trust yourself. Stop looking for validation from others. Being pleased with you today doesn’t mean they will be tomorrow – do not pin your worth on their feelings. Just because someone likes you doesn’t mean he deserves your time. Trust your gut. Friends come and go. Don’t take anyone else’s opinion as gospel. Stop trying to make everyone else happy and pay attention to your own happiness. Keeping harmony in relationships doesn’t mean living a life that doesn’t fit you. Do not accept someone else’s shitty treatment of you. Newsflash: if someone disagrees with you, it’s not the end of the world. Really, it’s not.

Take care of yourself; you matter, too.


The teenage me is crying because she never knew that and she wonders how different her life would have been if she had.

Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – January 2022