Star light, star bright

Last prompt! “How do you feel when you look at the stars?”

In awe. Every time.

And one summer, shock. I distinctly saw a light coming over the mountains, which then turned into multiple lights that all flew apart and then disappeared. No kidding. Another time I saw a light heading east, stop on a dime, and reverse direction before disappearing, too. Not a big loop like a plane or helicopter would make, I’m talking an immediate reverse. I still look for things like that, since we live in a state known for sightings of unexplained flying objects.

Photo by Miriam Espacio on

But the stars…oh, the stars. I love nothing more than sitting outside and night and staring up at them. There are more satellites, sadly. I love seeing Orion, even though I know that means I’m going to be cold for a handful of months, but what I really miss is the Milky Way. I know it can be seen, but not from my house. When I lived in New England, you could walk out the back door and there it was, big as anything you could imagine, and it made me feel very, very small, and part of something so much larger at the same time. It’s beautiful, and really beyond words.

Well, Bloganuary has been fun! Lots of new blogs to read, lots of new readers (thank you!), and while I know some of us kvetched at bit about the prompts, it’s very difficult to please everyone, and they did serve their purpose, right? Most of us wrote more than we had been, and that was the goal.

Be safe, be kind, and keep on writing!!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2021

ETA: I was reading another blog post, and was reminded of when I lived at the top of a mountain, and when we went outside at night, the stars were so close it felt like you could reach up and grab them! I can’t believe I forgot about that!

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  1. OO, you were so lucky to see the Milky Way
    I can’t wait to glimpse it too!
    I see weird stuff sometimes too, like I know for a fact I saw a comet that just instantly flashed by in the sky.. but I can’t prove it. I just know
    I love the stars so very much too!

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  2. excentric says:

    Cannot see the stars at all where I am. Too much light pollution. I miss that. In Colorado, we could see the Milky Way, and the stars at night and it was glorious. I don’t remember seeing the Milky Way in NH, but we did see a comet. That was pretty exciting. We had a telescope then, and you could see the comet was here, look away, look back, and oh, it has moved.


    1. Pip says:

      I remember it quite clearly!



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