palliative lightwork

Changing the world

One person or animal at a time.

When I read the prompt for today, “How are you changing the world”, my first thought was that I’m not. I lead a quiet life, and there isn’t anything I do that could possibly fit that.

And then I saw this feedback from a session I did last night:

It struck me that I may not be changing the world, but I am changing things for individual people or animals. I had on my website feedback from sessions over the years like, “I am gobsmacked. He has really turned a corner. If he doesn’t have a setback, he’ll be nearly normal next week. I really thought I might have to put him down. Whatever you do, my friend, it is good works.” and “I swear we can give him meds and fuss over him and he doesn’t improve. You send him light and he’s better within 8 hours.” from Diane in the Midwest about her elderly horse.

Or Johanne in New Brunswick who wrote, “I had a great and powerful crying session. Felt my solar plexus burn with the surplus energy that was stuck there. Then: my second chakra. Woah. I felt it there. Very vulnerable, and yet powerful at the same time. Thank you so much!!” 

I love this; …you most certainly hold the gift of light … others have been sending and I have felt support and hugs but not the clearing and acceptance that washed over me from you.  You ARE a clear channel.”

This one was in-person for someone after a nasty motorcycle accident, and she was just blown away, as was I: It’s like taking the morphine and all those pain pills, but without the nasty side-effects! ” She also stated that she couldfeel her muscles moving!.

And from Stacey in England with cerebral palsy, Wish there was a way I could bathe in your healing energy.”  ”…as it makes me feel like I’ve been in a hydro-therapy pool.

This was from my mom, in New England, who is living with fibromyalgia, after a 30-minute distance session. I call her Scully when it comes to things like energy healing, so that tells you just how much this means to me.

Well, you know I don’t really believe in all this stuff, but when I woke up today, I felt lighter. Also my knee pain did not go away, but it is different and not as much, and walking is easier. All I can say is ooeeooee and keep on doing what you’re doing, cause even if I don’t believe, it still works anyway. I feel very different than I have been over the past month or so. My muscles are not tense. My head feels clearer, brain-fog-wise. I slept very well. I usually wake up a few times needing to move because something hurts. I guess you don’t need to believe or understand what’s happening for it to work.” 

So while, no, I’m not doing the big work like so many others are, I’m doing little work. And that suits me just fine.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

7 thoughts on “Changing the world

  1. That is how we change the world…one person at a time. Stop devaluing yourself. You help people and that’s the best thing anyone can do. And like I said, I don’t believe in the supernatural or whatever this is classed as, but it still works for me anyway.


  2. Excentric is correct, the world is changed one person at a time. You are helping and building people up to do what they need to do, if they do something major, you had a small part in it.



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