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It’s all about the toonage, dude

What’s on my playlist, Bloganuary asks…


Yep, I may be the only human without a subscription to a music app, and my stereo needs new speaker wires, so nothing there, either.

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I know, right??

And it does strike me as odd, because for the vast majority of my life, music was always, always on. My parents had an album collection that make a record store happy, we had tons of cassettes with music we’d recorded off the stereo; it was every. where. EVERY. I can hear a certain song and be taken back to a time and place (there’s a Bread song that does it every time)…music was the background of my life.

Until maybe a decade ago. Not sure what shifted, but I started to crave silence – could be that my guy is hard of hearing after years of construction work, so everything is at movie-theater level and I live in earplugs – and even when I’m online, I rarely listen to Pandora or YouTube. My ears have been overwhelmed, I guess. I’m going to the have sharpest hearing of all the 90-year olds when I get older, though! 😁

I still listen sometimes in the car, but mostly I’m music-free. I don’t even listen when I’m sending light anymore.

I think that makes me sad. I kind of miss the background of my life.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

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©Pip Miller – January 2022

5 thoughts on “It’s all about the toonage, dude

  1. We did have a lot of albums, didn’t we? LOL I have days and days of silence, too, then I suddenly start craving my Imagine Dragons or my fav Pandora station or Abney Park, then I will live with music for a day or a week, the back to the silence. Quiet is good.


    1. And all the cassettes! I remember teaching myself the script inside the Gordon Lightfoot album cover (with The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald) as I sat on the stool in front of the stereo, waiting for, “Record!!”.


      1. Me, too. Remember the thing that looked like a speaker, but was different colored lights that changed with the bass in music? Kris and I used to play the Moody Blues and the Star Wars soundtrack with all the lights off so we could watch it. lol


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