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I just want to be alone…

Bloganuary asks, “where do you go for solitude”?, and my answer is easy; my study/office/she shed (hate that)/sanctuary.

We have an extra bedroom that I’ve turned into my hideaway. It’s where I do a lot of the lightwork, some of my laptop work, and a lot of reading. It’s on the south-east/south side of the house, and there’s lots of sunshine, which I really appreciate during the colder months. I get cold really, really easily.

I have Funko figurines, stuffed animals (that I seem to be buying a lot of lately), bookcases, a desk, walls covered with quotes, pictures, a painting by a friend in Canada, plants (that are growing a bit crazy)…all my comfort things.

My guy has his ‘man cave’ in the garage, and this is my spot to be alone.

Oh, and I have two strands of Christmas lights that I plug in every evening, even in the summer. They make me really happy.

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

©Pip Miller – January 2022

5 thoughts on “I just want to be alone…

  1. I love the description of your room. I have a room with my comfort things, so as not to clutter up the house. I have Christmas Lights in the home part of the house. My husband and I enjoy the quiet glow the Christmas give compared to regular lighting. Plants are every where in my home, and it is time to plant seeds for starting the garden this spring. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. And I don’t really like people messing with my stuff, so it’s all in one place and I can shut the door. 🙂

      All winter the lights make me feel all cozy and in need of hot chocolate and fudge. 😂

      That reminds me, I have to repot 3 plants!!



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