Have you lost your taste/smell from COVID?

I ask because I want to offer 5 people 3 free sessions each.


Well, a family member contracted it over the weekend, immediately lost taste/smell, and I did 3 sessions on her in 3 days…and it’s back. Now there are varying reports about it coming back in a couple weeks or months or year or not at all…most are at least months.

This got me super excited and I want to see if I can help others! I’m curious if the newness of her case mattered, or if time doesn’t affect the healing, whether they come back fully or not, if one comes back but not the other…I want to experiment and see, and I need, obviously, people to experiment with!

If you have lost your taste/smell, or know someone who has (age doesn’t matter), shoot me a comment on this post. I’ll wait til Sunday night, take all the names (does not have to be your real name; I’ve sent light to “SmileyFred’s friend SnowShoeKicker” and Spirit knew exactly who was meant and the light was received), toss ’em in a bowl, and pull 5 names. We’ll go from there!

I’m SO excited to see what happens!!!

BTW, one of the recent Bloganuary prompts is “write about something mysterious” and I don’t think I could pick anything more mysterious than this!

With hope and love,

Pip 🌻✨

PS: I also helped someone with a sore throat and a positive test…the sore throat went away and the following tests were negative. Did the light do that? I wish I had definitive proof, but I don’t.

©Pip Miller – January 2022

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Maryanne says:

    It’s so wonderful you’re an energy healer and helping others.
    I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind, via positive energies and meditations, as well as creative visualization.


    1. Pip says:

      Thank you! I LOVE what I do!!!


  2. wow.. that’s just absolutely beautiful!!


    1. Pip says:

      Right? I’m hoping that it repeats!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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