Is there an emoji con? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. πŸ˜‚

So prompt 12 of Bloganuary is ‘what emojis do you like to use’?

I’m old-school, still banging away on a keyboard in front of a desktop (though I have a shiny new laptop as of yesterday – Thanks, Mom!), so I still tend to do emoticons more often then emojis because they involve pulling up a separate keyboard. But I have been using them more because, well, they’re cute! And they say alot with just an image, and sometimes I’m at a loss as to how to express my meaning without writing a novel in the process. 😎

Watching me through the living room window.

I tend to use πŸ˜‚,🀣,😎 the most, followed by πŸ”₯,πŸ‘‡,πŸ‘, usually one or more of which go on excellent tweets, and for my energy healing work, I go with 🌻✨. I like sunflowers, and the stars are meant to show the facets of the light I send. I could use a rainbow, but a prism would be even better, if there was one. I also would like using a lighthouse, to stand for “Be the light”, but I don’t have one on my phone or this virtual keyboard.

You know what I would really love? My friend has an iPhone and they have something called a Memoji, where you created emojis that look like you! Hers are appropriately witchy, with her nose and earrings visible. I love that!!!

Anyway…those are my go-to emojis, my go-to emoticons are still πŸ™‚ and one I came up with for blowing a raspberry; :p~~~~~. Because I’m 12 and needed it. 🀣🀣🀣 Oh! I also tend to do emojis in triplicate. No idea why, I just do.

I’m off to feed the birds (the roadrunner is outside, calling for his/her piece of lunchmeat – one piece, very thin, once a day; not trying to make them tame) and then send light!

Happy Wednesday!!

Much love,

Pip 🌻✨

Β©Pip Miller – January 2022

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