How Much Do I Need to Know About the Client?

I put out on Twitter the call for blog inspiration, questions you might have about what I do, and the amazing true crime blogger, Alice de Sturler, asked “how much do you need to know about the receiver?”

Excellent question! Though I must admit, I could have answered it easily in a Twitter reply, “Very little.”

While working in the metaphysical world for about 2 decades, I came across many “musts” about a myriad of topics, including “how to” do energy healing “correctly”. One “must” is that you need the recipient’s full name, and if possible, a picture of them. This one I’ve never understood.

I’m the conduit for this healing energy/light; it does not come from me in any way. So who is doing the work? The Divine/Universe/Spirit/Flying Spaghetti Monster…call it what you will, and your soul. They are the ones who know whether to accept the light or not*, and how to use if it they do.

So when it comes to sending light, that team is already in play, just waiting for the nod to get to work…sort of. I don’t know how else to put how I think it works, to be honest. As a result, when I’m asked to send to Dave’s brother’s friend Pete, Spirit knows who the person is talking about. I’ve sent to so many people with just a username to go by; I once sent to an entire family who was having stress issues, and I didn’t know a single name but the entire dynamic changed after the session. The ‘verse knew. And pictures don’t really help because I don’t envision the physical body as I’m sending.

I do think that by not really knowing who the recipient is, it helps me stand aside and let the Divine work through me. It takes my ego out of it and lets the work that needs to be done get done. I do know that in-person sessions kind of freak me out for that exact ego issue; I feel more like I’m performing than healing, so I much prefer distance work.

Sometimes I think that by saying I’m the conduit, people wonder what the hell I’m needed for and I’ll be honest: I don’t know. Maybe because it’s easier to ask a person to help than it is for some to make a request of the universe; maybe because on some level I am needed, I’m just not aware of my true role in facilitating the session…I don’t know. And I won’t pretend to, either. One thing I pride myself on is being truthful. Ask me a question and I will tell you if I know the answer, and I will most definitely tell you if I haven’t a clue, no holding back. If I can’t trust myself to be honest with you, how can I expect you to trust me with your deepest needs and healing?

I hope that answers your question, Alice!

Much love,

Pip 🌻🙏✨

*Rarely, very, very rarely, a session is requested and the recipient feels no change. After a moment of, “Oh, shit, what did I do wrong??”, I stop and remember that there are many reasons healing doesn’t happen, and even someone who thinks they want to be healed may not on a subconscious level for whatever reason. That’s why stepping aside and letting Spirit and your Soul take charge makes sure that what happens is the best for the client as there is no way I would know if it is or not. This situation has happened maybe a handful of times in 13 years.

©Pip Miller – December 2021

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