How Holistic Sessions Feel To Me

For a while, as you know, I’ve been sending light to a couple of horses, and I talk about how their owner gives me feedback on how they react to it, but I don’t know that I’ve ever talked about how I sending light feels to me.

I’m not an intuitive healer; I do not know what your health issue is or what it’s cause is – I just know how my hands feel as I’m sending.

Once I sent light to someone and for the only time ever, it felt like popcorn was popping under my skin. It was totally bizarre. Usually I feel the intensity of the light get stronger or lighter depending on where my hands are on the stuffed animal I’m using as a stand-in for the receiver.

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Lately one of the horses hasn’t been taking in as much light, and both the owner and I feel she’s winding down, getting ready to pass over. Today I sent her light, and I happened to be listening to music at the same time. Suddenly my hands just needed to move, and it felt like the horse wanted a dancing energy, if that makes sense, and the flow amped up so much my hands are *still* tingling. I asked her owner, who just told me that Freckles – that’s her name – LOVES music. Loves loves music. I’m speechless, yet again.

Once I was sending light to someone in Norway, and the classical music I was listening to turned into a ballerina dancing in my head, and when I asked, the recipient had been a dancer earlier in her life before things took a downturn. Sometimes I’ll see a bird or insect and something it does or how it flies strikes me, and when I ask, it seems to have a meaning to the person on the receiving end of the light.

I’ve been doing these sessions for 11 or 12 years now, and way back when I’d been doing it for a year or so, a pregnant customer at my job was feeling really stressed and asked me to send light to her and her first-trimester baby. That night I began the session and all was well – til I got to the fetus. The flow stopped. There was nothing. I didn’t understand it at first because this had never happened before, but inside I knew exactly what it meant. I didn’t know what to do because as I said, I hadn’t been doing the sessions for years and years, and freaking an already stressed-out pregnant woman wasn’t an option. I wasn’t sure if it was better to say something and be proven wrong, but I did know I would be causing her unnecessary pain if I was. I ended up telling her that her session had gone well, not mentioning the baby, and the next day she went to the dr on her own and found out that the embryo had died.

I will never forget that sudden feeling of the flow stopping, and the fear and indecision I went through, not knowing if I should suggest she go to the doctor and make sure everything was ok or not. I regret not saying anything on one hand, but at the same time, I think it was the right decision. I think. I will never know if it was or not.

I learned to trust my hands after that, and now I ask questions or make little suggestions, though, now that I think of it, I haven’t had a session with a pregnant woman since. Maybe Spirit decided that indecision was too stressful for me, and is sending them elsewhere for help.

So if you book a session, know that I cannot tell you what’s wrong. I’m the conduit for this light/energy, not the source, and that’s a huge difference; I facilitate the energy shifts, but I have zero idea how Spirit is doing it – that’s above my pay grade, as they say. 😂

Much love,

Pip ✨

©Pip Miller – October 2021


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