I’ve been helping two horses

With permission from Diane, I give you this feedback concerning her two elderly horses that I’ve been sending light to on-and-off for a year or so (if I remember correctly):

Crackers is better. Still huffing. But it’s mostly allergies. He’s like me and allergic to the goldenrod and it’s blooming like mad right now. Freckles has plateaud. She’s stopped losing weight and although her jaw is still swollen, she’s holding her own. That’s you, my dear. She’s not received any additional meds or treatments. Just her regular senior feed with supplements and you. Her eyes say she’s in less pain and she’s currently off of antibiotics as we wait to reintroduce them again. Thank you Pip. You’re making the lives of a couple of old horses much easier to bear. Animals really really respond to light. I suspect it’s because they know it’s there, understand it’s benefits and don’t think, well this is kooky. If you think really hard about it, radio waves sound kooky. Send a signal of sound over the air? Right? Well, I suspect light is like that. It’s received by those that can feel it.

Much love,

Pip 🌻

Does one of your critters need some help? Purchase a session and we’ll set up a time!

©Pip Miller – September 2021

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