The Peace of a Dare Session

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The go-to session is the 30-minute one, but every now and again someone needs a deeper session that does more work towards helping them shift the energies within. I recently did a Dare Session (my absolute favorite!) for the ever-amazing Pearl in Canada, and this was her feedback:

I slept extremely deeply and well.

I had mentioned where the light was strongest:

That does make a lot of sense, that is where I was feeling a lot of the energy last night, like a lightness/tension (both at the same time?) easing from those areas.

I didn’t wake up this morning with a rock in my gut, I woke up feeling light.

Interestingly my heart during the session was holding at the same or just roughly the same beat, while sitting or standing. There was no 20-30 beat jump between the two actions. That was a wonderful feeling. Just a full sense of protected and calm all night.

This distance (should I call them ‘remote’ instead?) session almost always puts the client to sleep so the deep healing and shifting can go on uninterrupted. If you’re ready for a change, purchase your session and we’ll set up your time…when you can kick back and zonk out!

Much love,
Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – September 2021

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