A Couple of Questions

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Linktree has a lot of link options and I’m curious: what messaging app do you use the most that doesn’t share your phone number? Telegram (you can change it in the settings to a username)? Skype? Zoom?

Also, for payments; Venmo or PayPal?

Or do you prefer email?

I’m looking for something quicker than waiting for someone to check back into Twitter or IG, and while I love Signal SO much, it shares your phone number.

What do you think?


Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – August 2021

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  1. I keep it all as simple as possible. I got a google Voice voip number ages ago and use it for business only. I post it on the website as being for voicemail, scheduling and text only…and keep it in do not disturb mode. No voicemail, no return call, no private number anywhere. For readings I have zoom, skype and google meet so people can choose which they like to use. It may not be the most effective setup, but with a family, privacy is the far, far greater priority.


    1. Pip says:

      I have a Google #, too. Didn’t even think about it for this! Makes sense. Thanks!

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      1. You got this. Have a great weekend.



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