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Digital Pause


Bloglovin’. Oy. Is it me, or can changing things on that site get…complicated…? I wanted the correct url to this blog on my profile, and it just wouldn’t switch from the old to the new. I could claim both urls, but not make it so it would connect to the correct one. I don’t know, it could have just been me not understanding the site, who knows. I ended up getting really annoyed, deactivating the annoying account and starting another.

Speaking of blogging, I fell down the rabbit hole of books and blogs and podcasts about social media and our addictions to it. There are so many out there, and it’s becoming clear that so many big names and businesses are dropping the not-really-lucrative, algorithms-screwing-up-your-views social media sites in favor of email lists and blogs that they own. None of us need the mind-suck of constant social media, and people are finding that their anxiety lessens, their memory gets stronger, creativity soars…all kinds of benefits.

I took all the apps except Castbox and Audible off my phone, and even in just one day I noticed how often I reached for the phone to check Twitter (my go-to). And how much of my thoughts are geared toward tweeting; it really freaked me out. Instagram I can take or leave, but Twitter, that’s my addiction. I removed the links to my social media accounts from this website, fixed the Bloglovin’ one, and I’ll be dropping IG and letting my public major-time-consuming Twitter account go. I mostly retweet things concerning Covid and my continuing inability to understand those who act as if it’s the common cold, so it really doesn’t serve me in any way, and more than anything it sends my blood pressure and anxiety through the roof and annoys my other half because I’m constantly telling him all the stuff I’m reading and sending his blood pressure through the roof, too. I can get all the news in better ways, such as, and I want to read more blogs (and write more posts like the random one from the other day), too.

It’s really quite scary how the internet has taken over our lives, and I’m almost finished with a book called Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, which was written 10 years ago and concerns studies the author, a social scientist and clinical psychologist, conducted about how lives have changed, especially for the then-teenagers, and how they’ve come to see the online world almost as more real that their actual lives. It’s a fascinating read, and next up is her book Reclaiming Conversation.

Another book I really liked is The Revenge of Analog by David Sax, which isn’t about going Luddite, as one would think, but more about how people are rediscovering the joys of analog – and you get to learn about how film and albums are made, too!

Anyway, it’s late, or really, really early, and I need to put all these thoughts to bed. I’ll be seeing you around here more, I hope!

Much love,

Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – August 2021


Do you watch the sky?

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When was the last time you sat outside after the sun went down and just watched the sky? It’s finally, finally, cool enough to do so again, and I’ve been making the most of it. If you just sit and look, you notice odd things, such as that satellite making its wobbly way across the sky, the one that suddenly disappears into the atmosphere even though you can see tiny pinpoints of stars in that same area. Stars that are infinitely beyond that satellite.

Once I watched what looked to be a plane heading east suddenly do a reverse west, scoop up the diapers, and head east again. With zero pause or looping involved. Another time what also looked to be a plane coming over the mountains split into a fan of 5 lights that flew for another 10 seconds before disappearing. All of them. And it wasn’t like there were 5 planes coming over the mountain, that would have been obvious; no, it was one light that split into 5.

Or did 4 pods drop from the Mother Ship and they all headed off on their own missions? I’ll never know…

Where we lived when I was a teenager, you could step out the back door and there was the Milky Way, stretched all the way across the sky. Here, a mile above sea level, where you would think it would be as if you could reach up and touch the Milky Way – it’s nowhere to be seen. I wonder why that is? Is it only visible in certain parts of the world, like the Aurora Borealis? Are there too many lights here? Nah, it can’t be that because the sky if full of stars on dark moon nights. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Milky Way, and I miss it.

©Pip Miller – August 2021

PS: 5 points if you get the diaper reference. 😂


A Couple of Questions

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Linktree has a lot of link options and I’m curious: what messaging app do you use the most that doesn’t share your phone number? Telegram (you can change it in the settings to a username)? Skype? Zoom?

Also, for payments; Venmo or PayPal?

Or do you prefer email?

I’m looking for something quicker than waiting for someone to check back into Twitter or IG, and while I love Signal SO much, it shares your phone number.

What do you think?


Pip 🌻

©Pip Miller – August 2021