How It’s Going


Osa’s surgery is Wednesday, and so far you have donated 2/3 of the money needed! Thank you so, so much!!

I’ve loved having new people to help, and they’ve run the gamut from Covid, vaccine side-effects, hips (more than one person…interestingly), lungs, spines, post-surgery healing boost…all manner of things. I love it! Nothing is better than a message popping up saying how the light helped someone.

After Osa’s surgery, I’ll be “working” (need a better word) on her leg, too. I’ll post pictures, and if I can, maybe a video or two when she’s doing her walking rehab.

I can’t thank you all enough for your amazing help, kindness, and love! I will be forever grateful!

Much love,


©Pip Miller – April 2021


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