How It’s Going


Osa’s surgery is Wednesday, and so far you have donated 2/3 of the money needed! Thank you so, so much!!

I’ve loved having new people to help, and they’ve run the gamut from Covid, vaccine side-effects, hips (more than one person…interestingly), lungs, spines, post-surgery healing boost…all manner of things. I love it! Nothing is better than a message popping up saying how the light helped someone.

After Osa’s surgery, I’ll be “working” (need a better word) on her leg, too. I’ll post pictures, and if I can, maybe a video or two when she’s doing her walking rehab.

I can’t thank you all enough for your amazing help, kindness, and love! I will be forever grateful!

Much love,


©Pip Miller – April 2021


Help For My Dog

This is different, and I could do GoFundMe but that doesn’t feel right, so here goes.


One of our dogs tore a ligament in her back leg while chasing a ball a few weeks ago. She’s just shy of 7 and can’t walk on it, so needs surgery – it’s a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (I know there will be a plate and screws), almost $3K worth. The vet recommended a clinic in another town because a: Osa is a big dog, and b: he’s cheaper than almost every other vet. So the surgery is set for the 28th, and then there’s…get this…8 weeks of physical therapy on our end that needs to be done for her. Wow.

I’m still unemployed and my guy will forever be on disability, so this hits a bit hard. GoFundMe makes me uncomfortable because, well, I don’t really know. It just does. So what I thought was that if I could do 30-minute sessions for the donation of $10-$15 each, I could raise money AND help others at the same time. That feels right.

So if you’re interested in helping Osa and yourself, either use this PayPal link or you can Venmo me to donate, put your email address in the notes so I can contact you, and we’ll get things set up! You can have the session at a later date if you’d like, obviously,

ETA: it’s come to my attention that not everyone would like a session: it’s ok to donate without that as part of it! Just put an upside down smiley 🙃 in the notes and that will tell me not to contact you.

Thank you for all the wishes and donations so far!!

Much love,


©Pip Miller – April 2021