How Are You Holding Up?

I’ll be honest: I had grand plans of cleaning the house top-to-bottom, decluttering like mad, doing stuff in the yard…and I haven’t done a thing. I have simply been exhausted, so very, very exhausted mentally and physically, that I pretty much either read or check Twitter for what’s going on. I’ve run exactly two errands since March 18th, and so am doing my best to stay safe in the midst of others who aren’t as safety conscious. It’s frustrating and scary. Dayna, of The People’s Oracle, posted this on Twitter:

This morning I’m think about men. Women’s friendships tend to be intimate, flexible, and resilient, making this moment generally easier for us to stay connected.

But what about men, whose friendships tend to be centered around activities.

Men, how are y’all holding up?”

Excellent point because the men (not all men, just the ones I know) are acting as if everything is normal, visiting friends and family, high fives, no 6′, no masks….

6′ people, SIX feet! GO HOME!

I’m still trying to make an income, and waiting to see if unemployment is ok’d. All I really want to do is just sit in the sun and send light to animals.

I’ve read through all the light romances that I have (I love Jenny Colgan!), and am now diving into my fantasy collection. Charles deLint FTW.

I’m being lazy, I fully admit it. I feel lost, scared, and almost incapable of doing more than shower, feed the critters, and sometimes eat. Someone going by Pastor Bae (@lyvonnep) tweeted today,

“this is not “business as usual.”

you are not a business.

you are not your busyness.

you are human.

we are human beings.

let us get back to being.

being is enough.”

That’s about all I can do right now. You? How are you handling staying at home?

Stay safe!


©Pip Miller – April 2020

PS: My mom posted this comment on my post, Social Isolation and Energy Healing:

“I’m the mom. Please donate. It works, what she does. Don’t know why, and as she said, I am the original skeptic and it worked for me each time. Kid has to eat, so please be generous.”

That made me laugh. 🙂

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  1. excentric says:

    Good words from the Pastor. I am like you. Every day I am more exhausted. It’s true I am doing a bit more, but not enough to warrant the exhaustion I am feeling. I am not in any danger, I have down to the lobby once, and my friend Tess has come by three times to hand-off a few groceries and take out the trash for me, and no one has bee inside the apartment since March 12th. Trying to eat reasonably well, drinking water. Taking my meds. What else is there? I forget this is normal for fibro. I always forget.


    1. Pip says:

      I’ve even been going to bed around 8 or so, which in my I HATE DST world, is only 7. And then sleeping about 12 hours.


      1. excentric says:

        I try not to remind myself of what time it would have been. It makes me crazy. And I just go to bed when I’m sleepy. Could be 5 am. 🙂


  2. Pip says:

    I used to go to bed at 2-4 a.m.


    1. excentric says:

      One thing I’ve learned after 20 years of this is never plan anything. Do when you can, don’t when you can’t. Whatever it is. Listen to your body. Sleep when you’re sleepy, rest when you’re tired. lie down and read or something when you are in pain. I don’t do pacing, either, because if I don’t do it when I feel able to, once I stop for a rest break, it’s all over. Just be prepared for the next day or sometimes the next several days to be recovery days. Lie around and do not feel guilty. You are ill. Your body knows what’s best.

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