Dear January, WTF?

I don’t know about you, but my January went from awesome-sauce to wait, what? in 2 weeks. I’d read someone’s astrology report (don’t remember who, sorry) who mentioned that January was like walking through a minefield. If only I’d read it at the beginning of the month…

Instead of freaking out as I usually do when finances are in the picture, I’m taking The Power Path’s January theme, “If not now, when?” to heart and being proactive. I’ve signed up with Upwork, checked back in with Hirewriters, am going through all the notes and pdfs I’ve saved over the years concerning marketing…and I’m watching Sarah Turner’s “Write Your Way to Freedom” free copywriting course (am I the only one who keeps writing ‘copyrighting’??).

Thing is, this is the third job in 2 years that I’ve lost due to my health. There are new requirements at my present job that I cannot fulfill due to the fibromyalgia and my compromised lungs. This came completely out of the blue, and I admit it, I cried all day Friday after I was told, and a good portion of Saturday, too. Then it was bootstrap time. Only different boots. The boots that aren’t made for walking…the ones that are made for padding around the house while wearing soft fleece pajama bottoms and a hoodie, carrying a cup of hot chocolate, before ending up in the recliner with a book because any more exertion than that is going to send you to sleep for 15 hours. Plus, the pain. The ever-present pain.

I have no idea how this is all going to work out, but I’m determined that it will. Any advice fellow spoonies, soloprenuers (is that a word??), work-from-home peeps would be greatly appreciated.

The hardest thing about this? Believing in myself. I’ve learned so much this past year (such as Excel) and yet, when it came time to fill out my Upwork profile, I found it hard to say I was good at those things. I’ve never been good at promoting myself. Another thing I could use some help with. 🙂

So here’s to a better February…hello, Chinese New Year! And living life on my own terms.

Much love,

Pip 🙂

PS: Energy healing continues to be my passion and my soul’s mission, so keep in mind that I’m still doing energy healing sessions!

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  1. excentric says:

    Probably asked before, but have you applied for disability? I know the orange gasbag is trying to take it away from people, but still worth a try. Please vote them all out, people. I found acceptance very hard at first, and tried to appear ‘normal’ for a long time, but a some point you just have to get over the fact that you are never going to be the old you again. I’ve kind of learned to put the pain in a box in a corner of my mind, unless it is really bad. Just don’t focus on it. Of course that means if I bang my hand or something, later on I can’t figure out why it’s bruised. LOL

    After the Malden Mills fire years ago, I never buy anything fleece. Ever. Fleece is scary and deadly, even if it is softer than soft. You can google the fire, I think. It was horrible.

    I hate, hate, hate windows 10. It is nothing like 7, and not at all user-friendly. I say it’s set up like if you look in the produce isle for a tomato, it’s actually over in the cleaning section. Like that. Nothing is where it used to be or where it logically should be. It’s like they deliberately messed it up for us. I wish I had enough brains left to figure out Linux. 🙂


  2. Pip says:

    No, I haven’t. And I’m always finding bruises and have zero idea why.

    Yeah, I really dislike 10. Took me FOREVER to find pictures I’d uploaded from my phone, and what’s with this File Explorer thing?? And I really dislike the overall look of things in it.



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