Twitter Withdrawal

It’s real.

It’s a thing.

It’s like I have NO idea what’s going on in the world without it.

And my friends. What are they doing?

And my morning? What do I do now?? Make breakfast? Doesn’t that mean cooking??

I’m bored. And there’s no Twitter.

There are books, though. I’m half-way between 3 of them at the moment.

This is from an old blog post on

I knew I liked Twitter, but dang. I had no idea I was basically addicted to it.

When is May 1st??

©Pip Miller – March 2018

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hang in there. You are not missing anything. Everything will be exactly where you left it when you get back. I’m thinking of dusting off the old blog myself. Let us know how YOU are doing. Extra time? Spend some time making changes to a space in your home that needs to better reflect your heart and soul.


    1. Pip says:

      Oooh, do dust it off! I feel like we miss so much when it’s in soundbytes of a sort.

      Interesting advice. 🙂



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