Guest Post by Jen of Cavemoms

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Recently I did a healing session for Jen, and she wrote this guest post about the experience. 🙂

Hi, my name is Jenni & I am a mess. Ok, but seriously this is true. If it isn’t one thing it is
another, mainly it’s depression and anxiety though. I have moments where I don’t know which direction to turn because of my anxiety, or if I can even make myself go to the bathroom due to depression.
I am a believer in light healing. Yep, I believe your mind is a powerful thing and a place where you can do amazing things. To send energy to another soul to heal their mind is a crazy but amazing thought. After hearing about this, and not wanting to go on to a prescription medication I thought I would give this a try.

I have depression all year long but seasonally it gets much worse. I hate being trapped inside and I dislike that there is so much cold and no sun for most of the season. Green has to be one of my favorite colors because as soon as there is a little life in the trees it goes down significantly. I ended up posting on social media about being depressed and this is when Pip reached out to me. I was grateful that she did, sometimes I get a little too much in my head. She told me about her sessions and I said what the heck why not.
The experience I had with light healing is a good one. The day we scheduled to do it probably was one of my worse days at the time. I was just stuck inside my head and I wasn’t feeling anything. I didn’t want to be at my job, I was seriously thinking about quitting and I was trying to figure out what would be my next steps. Then she messaged me and reminded me it was my appointment time. I was like whatever. I am at work trying not to just walk out and quit. I had told her to go through with it, and she did. At first I didn’t notice anything, I was still grumpy ol’ me…then it was like a switch… not as subtle as a flip one more like a dimmer switch being turned up, I felt like smiling a little more and more. That day was one of my best sales days, as well as the next few days. I was happily greeting customers and glad to be at work.
Then depression found it’s way back to my brain. I think in order for this to continue to work, I would need to do this more frequently at least once a week, to bi-weekly. Yes, I am saying that I loved the feeling but like any light it fades, it’s not a permanent solution, so like any appointments follow up appointments are needed to maintain the happiness.
My last two cents, Try it… if you are struggling, doesn’t matter what it is.. could be a bad toothache, could be mental or physical, could be emotional or grieving. Book a session or see if you can do a session pack at the time*. I think that follow up is key to success!
Jenni, Owner & Blogger

*Yes, we can set up a package deal if you’re interested. 🙂

Much love,

Pip 🙂

©Pip Miller – March 2017


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