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Bullet Journal Month 2

Last month, after attempting to use my Malden as a Bullet Journal, I pulled out an old notebook I had and created my first true BuJo.

©Pip Miller
©Pip Miller

I set it up in the traditional way that Ryder Carroll shows on his website, and went at it. I loved having everything together in one notebook, but as the month went on, I started to notice some aspects that I wasn’t happy with, such as the dailies being interspersed with collections and other things, and I didn’t like having to go to the Index to find them. I also found that I really need a visual calendar, and my Future Log wasn’t working, either.

So last night I set up July, but knew I wouldn’t be happy with it, so I played with different hacks I found online (the BuJo community across social media is just as, if not maybe larger now, than the Filofax one!), and then set it up. On the left is what is known as the “Alaister Method“, which I set up on two pages (or a spread, as Ryder calls it), and I’ve already filled one page! On the right is the traditional way.

©Pip Miller

The Alaister Method with my signifiers.

©Pip Miller
©Pip Miller

The key to my signifiers. I’ve borrowed ideas from other BuJo users, and came up with some that work best for me. Aside, I never refer to the date that someone died on as an “anniversary”, always a “memorial”.

©Pip Miller
©Pip Miller

I took this from my Filofax and taped it to the very first page. SO helpful for me!!

©Pip Miller

I came up with more ways to utilize my personal BuJo better (for instance, I don’t use weekly spreads as many others do), and the index will, as a result, have less of a “collections” focus, and more of a “where info re: this particular thing” is.

©Pip Miller
©Pip Miller

I use the # symbol to show that an item is included in the index (for instance, keeping track of dr appts).

©Pip Miller

I’m very pleased with how I have it set up right now, and over the next month I will be paying attention to what works and what doesn’t. Once I finally nail down a system that I really like, I will purchase one of these gorgeous Leuchtturm1917 A5 hardcover notebooks from JB Welly. It will most likely be the purple one (swoon!) and with the Graph version instead of the dots; lines work best for me. 😉

Oh, the “sobriety” signifier…I added that because today begins the 100 Day (alcohol-free) Challenge. Woohooo! As a matter of fact, that upside down package in the picture of “BuJo-less” is the tea I’m drinking today. #makeminetea

©Pip Miller – July 2016

11 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Month 2

  1. I have been playing around with Bujo, but it takes so much time and, really, my Google calendar keeps my life under control just fine. I have enjoyed making a page for tracking sober days though–I get to color in a little box each day 🙂 I got the pink lechturm (spelling…) notebook.


  2. Hi Pip, Congratulations on your blog. I’m still tweaking my Bujo, it’s been almost a year since I began using one. I find I need to use a paper planner. Tried setting up for several months in my Bujo but just didn’t work. Oh, well. That’s the beauty of the system, keep tweaking till you find what works for you. P.S. Regarding your earlier post on Google+ Bujo, here is a link for informatio on ET, I did not find any Google+ groups. There are some groups on Facebook, but I don’t think I want to go that route.


    1. I love that site and have been reading it for years!

      I prefer paper planners, too, because I tend to forget things when they are on my phone, even with notifications. 😉

      I’m hoping the Alaister method will work with the ‘future log’, and beyond that, I’m just going with daily entries. I tend to get all excited and go nuts, using every little system hack there is, and then nothing works! So I’m going basic and then will build from there.

      Good to see you!

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      1. My quote (as a reminder) in the current -and first! – bujo is from Einstein:
        _Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler._


      2. The reason I like the quote is the “no simpler” bit.

        I see people saying they are using bujo -but not doing any indexing or annotations for type of entry or collections … at some point, you have just “simplified” so much that the system stops being useful any more; and is really only one step up from lots of random Post-It notes!



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