Cleansing Crystals

As you may know, my day job is as a clerk at a metaphysical shoppe, and we sell more crystals than you can imagine. On occasion, someone will ask if we cleanse them, and I use a method that I came up with a while ago.

©Pip Miller

If the crystal is in a pendant or ring setting, I’ll suspend it by a rubber band over an abalone shell filled with sage and use it as a pendulum. I ask it to show me a “yes” when it is cleared of any and all negativity, and it will!

If they are loose stones, I’ll either place them in a small organza bag and suspend it over the sage, and if we’ve put them in a coil to wear as a pendant, I’ll put out a rubber band again. This method works very well, and is simple and quick!

©Pip Miller – April 2016


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