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Do You Deserve Energy Healing?

I admit it: I’m a healing-light pusher. 😉

Yes, I fully intend to make my living as a healer very, very soon, and so paid sessions are obviously my bread and butter. That doesn’t stop me from offering to send light to a friend when a need comes up out of the blue, though.

What interests me is that I sometimes receive a response such as, “I’d rather the energy be spent on those who need it more”, which, to me, has two implications.

First, that there is a belief that a stubbed toe, a sudden headache, a hand that was slammed in a door isn’t something that is worthy of being helped. That healing-light is only for “big” problems and ailments.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Healing-light is for every problem, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. No one needs to suffer simply because there are souls who are dealing with cancer, and in comparison your issue seems trivial. Your pain still matters, especially to you! Denying yourself relief in the erroneous belief that someone else “deserves” it more is counter-productive.

Maybe you need your pain healed so that you can unexpectedly help someone in more pain that you, or you’re able to work and make a bit of extra money and donate it to a good cause, or you’re able to help someone enter a store with a bit more ease…we never know what the ‘verse has in store for us, and It is quite positive that we all deserve health. So it’s ok to accept it!

I’ll write about the second implication in my blog post next week!

How do you feel about accepting light for small problems, whether physical or emotional? Do you feel you aren’t worthy of accepting it? Why? Please, I’d love to hear your comments!

©Pip Miller – March 2016

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