Energy Healing and Breast Cancer

Good morning!


I sort of took the weekend off from blogging, it seems. 😉 Saturday is my Monday, and not much happened worth writing about, so I just worked and then continued with a lot of reading I had done on my days off. I devoured ‘The Glittering World‘ in two evenings: it was equally spooky, creepy, a bit gory here and there, and ultimately hard to put down. I read til I couldn’t keep my eyes open both nights, and then Saturday I found myself looking forward to getting back into it when I got home, and then remembered that I’d finished it! It’s one of those books where you’re left thinking, “what happens next?!?!”. I wonder if there will be a sequel…

I haven’t been writing much about the energy healing I do, but today I thought I’d tie it and breast cancer together. The work I do releases trapped and stuck emotions, sometimes bringing them to the surface so they can be dealt with once and for all, and sometimes removing them in such a way that you don’t have to deal with them: I never know how it will work for each person as the work is actually being done by the person’s soul and “upstairs” – I’m simply the happy conduit. But it always does something. It may not always be immediately obvious, and other times it’s so obvious that you’re glad you were home when you received the light because that burst of crying as the emotions were released would have been really embarrassing at work. 😉

Calvin and Hobbes ©Bill Watterson

Breast cancer comes about for many, many reasons, and on an emotional level it can be caused by feeling a lack of nurturing; that no one takes care of you, you do all the caring. It can also be grief, locked up and never let out. It can be because you lost your mother, or that your mother was one of those who never learned how to be nurturing and so your life was pretty much about taking care of yourself, or sometimes, taking care of her. Regardless the reason, the work I do can help. No, I’m not saying I can cure breast cancer – I would never promise something like that, ever – but it can help to release the stored grief and loneliness and sadness that can lead to the cancer. It’s a completely non-invasive method of alternative healing that can have far-reaching benefits with no medicine involved. Check out my pages under Heart’s Peace Healing…the gift of a remote healing session is a nice surprise. 😉

©Pip Miller – July 2015


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