Wednesdays of Light

Ah, I love Wednesdays!! It’s my first day off (of 3), and the day when I get back into sending #gentlehealinglight after working out in the world. I have someone in the UK to whom I send light every Wednesday, and I look forward to it each week. I love the feel of the energy flowing through my hands (and into my teddy bear as he stands in for the client), and the way my mind wanders as I’m doing so, not focused on anything in particular, but landing lightly on little thoughts here and there, and then suddenly an insect or a bird or some thing will catch my eye, and it ends up being pertinent to the person receiving the light. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I’m always surprised at the response. 🙂

My friend Renata has been posting pictures of Lenormand cards, as she is trying to learn it, too, and I have (thank you, Mentha!) one of the decks she has, The Fairy Tale Oracle, and pulled it out this morning and drew some cards. Now keep in mind, originally the cards were only read in the Grand Tableau, which is ALL the cards spread out, and they were read in reference to the Man or Woman card (depending on the querent), so these mini-spreads aren’t quite the same and can make things a bit difficult to understand, but they’re still fun. If you’re interested in the Lenormand cards, this is a great blog: Learn Lenormand.

This is what I pulled for today:


The anchor is traditionally about stability, fish are about business income (yay!), and the star is fame. And today being the day I do the work I love, from these cards to the prosperity deities’ ears. 😉

I was thinking this morning how little I’ve actually thought about alcohol, and wondering if this is the time that it will really stick. Then I told myself not to do that, because every time I do, I sabotage myself. So I shall keep my focus on breast cancer, and not on my personal journey (at least in my head). What will happen at the end of the month will happen, and I’m not going to second-guess myself in any way. And yesterday my guy told me he was proud of me for sticking with it. 🙂 Go, me.

Happy Woden’s Day! I’m trying to stay off my twisted ankle as much as possible, so back to reading Tom Robbins and then there will be light to send!

©Pip Miller _ July 2015


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