The Sweet Smell of Beer

Sorghum Syrup Dripping From Spoon

By which, sadly, I do not mean, “Yum, I want some.”, but instead, “Ewwww…it’s like syrup!” Seriously, a week off alcohol, and the smell of beer on my guy’s breath is like being in a vat of some icky sweet syrup. I can just smell the way the carbs have turned into glucose in him. It’s nasty. 😉

BTW, if you ever, ever thought that by brushing your teeth, chewing gum, or eating a mint, that no one will know you’ve been drinking…you are SO wrong. Believe me. Don’t fool yourself; that officer, and your other, half know exactly what you’ve been doing. So does the store clerk who refused to serve you (though, quite frankly, I have never, ever run into one who didn’t serve me, no matter how wobbly I was, sad to say). No, none of that has happened this month (or anywhere in the past x number of years); these are just examples.

Anyway, it really gets one to thinking about what all that carbs-gone-sugar is doing to the body. Definitely can’t be good.

Yesterday I was checking FB really quickly and found a post about Project Semicolon. I’d never heard of it, and gave it a look. It’s a really neat movement to help highlight mental illnesses, depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction…lots of things that are being brought to light by the #EndTheStigma hasthtag, among others (and one does not have to be of a religion to participate, even though it is a “faith-based” project), and the tattoo I’ve been putting off for a few years because I couldn’t decide what it would be…it’s decided. Twitter and Instagram have pictures people have taken of theirs, and there are some really cool variations on the semicolon, so my mind is working on what, if anything, I want to add to it. Check it out!

Here’s one of their pictures that I just found on Instagram. I like it. 🙂 BTW, does anyone know why, when you enter an Instagram url in ‘add media’, it won’t show the picture?

And now, to see if I can stand on the ankle I twisted yesterday, or decide if it’s smarter to stay home and call in. *sigh* It hurts. 😦

©Pip Miller – July 2015



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