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Essential Tremors; Do You Crash, Too?


In the past couple of years, something unusual has started to happen whenever my tremors are bad for an extended period of time: I crash. I’ll be really tired one day (yesterday) and then I will sleep 12-15 straight hours. That next day (today) I will still be sleepy, but it’s a bit more of a recuperative sleepy than a ‘need to sleep’ sleepy.

This past week they were very obvious, and I found little things difficult, like typing while ringing up a customer at work, or reaching into the pendulum case and doing my best not to knock every single one of them to the mirror below. Writing was almost illegible, so the letters I’ve been meaning to send have been put off until my handwriting won’t look like chicken scratch. I believe the tremors have gone up a notch in intensity and are going to stay there because they haven’t calmed down like they normally do.

Now, I know there are millions of people out there with essential tremor, and I’m curious: do other people ‘crash” after an extended bout of intense tremors, or is it just me?

Don’t get me wrong; the sleep is fantastic, but I never know exactly when a crash is going to come, and if that next day s a work day, it’s not easy. Luckily I’m off today, or I’d be quite the zombie. Instead I’m taking it easy today, and am about to send some healing light to a friend’s dog. 🙂

I’d love feedback from others who live with tremors!

©Pip Miller – June 2015

14 thoughts on “Essential Tremors; Do You Crash, Too?

  1. I’ve been researching helichrysum, cypress and frankincense essential oils for my tinnitus…I’ve seen essential tremor mentioned with all three of them too. Helichrysum is hella expensive, so right now I’m starting to try a blend of just the cypress and frankincense. Have you ever tried oils for your tremor? What was your experience with them if you have? NOW brand has a frankincense oil pre-diluted to 20%, so it is as affordable as frankincense gets. I added cypress to it, and have been using that. Too early to tell if it will help.


      1. Yes…for tinnitus I’ve seen apply the oil blend around the ears and down the jawline, while for tremor I’ve seen a few drops rubbed in at base of the skull and down the back of the neck daily. I forget the exact dilutions. What I’ve been using is that 20% pre-diluted frankincense, but add 15 drops of cypress oil to the frankincense / grapeseed oil mixture. Lavendar and helichysum are supposed to be soothing too. I wonder if Jasmine would help. It has some studies behind it as anti-siezure, nerve tonic. If I come across any good tidbits, will let you know.


      2. Hmmm…I’ll have to check it out. I have/can get lavender at work. And I’ve recently discovered that I like frankincense, so…


  2. I don’t ‘crash’ per say. My tremors do get much worse when I am tired, which makes everything harder to do. I have had days where I was glad the day was over and fell asleep fast. I have previously mentioned to my doctor that I get spasms in my neck every once in awhile when I yawn or sit at a bad angle for too long. He wrote it off to the fact that my head tremor means that my neck is constantly working and every once in awhile my muscles needs to reset/blow off steam. It does not happen very often, but it is very painful for the short while that it does. Maybe your ‘crash’ is how your body resets.


  3. I do get exhausted at times, usually after I’ve tried to keep up an active pace without rest breaks. I’ve also got dystonia, and I know that the constant muscle movement can cause fatigue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a similar mechanism with tremor. (the effort it takes to find and use adaptive strategies or to hide the tremor probably take quite a bit of energy as well!)


    1. I don’t try to hide the tremors; they’re part of me and it gets people talking about it. So many are unaware of ET (hehe). I’ve been trying to manage my busy and rest times a bit more, so that I don’t crash again.


      1. In recent months, I’ve been more open about the tremor, as I’ve found that pretending everything’s fine doesn’t serve me (or anyone) in the end.


  4. Hi. My son. 23 years old was diagnosed ET two years ago. After MRI the doctor prescribed him with some medicines for the symptoms. Having read all the side effects of that medicine i decided not to give him any and decided to go for an alternatif / energy healing and I tought him as well the practice of Zhen Qi. Thanks God he is healed and free from his tremor.



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