Browncoats and Breast Cancer Research

Fund a friend, save a life…or many.


My friend, a Browncoat, has become an advocate for breast cancer research by joining Avon’s “39. The Walk to End Breast Cancer“, which is, if you aren’t aware, a 39 MILE walk in two, yes, T.W.O days. That, by my calculations (as the first day is 29 miles) is about an 8-hour walk the first day. Can you walk 8 hours? I know I damned sure can’t. 😉

We all know someone who has, has had a bout with, has a had scare over, or has…heaven forbid…died from breast cancer. We, as women, hold so many emotions in, and many times it manifests as breast cancer. And many times, it’s purely genetic or a toss of those gorram nasty dice. We never know what really causes it, and the why doesn’t matter. The what next does.

And by funding her walk, we are contributing to the health of women (and girls and men…yes, men get it, too) across the world. So…

Purchase a session from me, and all that Paypal doesn’t take will be donated straight to her fund. Every single penny. Or, hell, donate directly to her page!

Help everyone who may be touched by breast cancer by purchasing a session, or help yourself – or gift the session to someone else!

We can beat this gorram disease. We just have to raise enough coin to do so.

Let’s raise it, people. And save future generations from this awful disease.

           ©Pip Miller – April 2015


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