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It’s December. Another year has flown by, and I don’t know about you, but this year was a roller-coaster. And suddenly I’m antsy for 2015 to begin – so much so, that I’m acting as if it has starting today.

I’ve chosen my word for the year; there is a lot I want to change in 2015, and I settled on this word by asking myself how I wanted to feel the year had gone when next December comes along, and “pivotal” encompasses all the changes I want to implement.

I have health and well-being changes to make, attitudes need to be shifted, habits to change, etc. I find myself walking that shoreline between ‘land’ and ‘here be monsters’, and the depths I’m finding myself stepping in to aren’t positive depths: I really need to put myself firmly back on land and root myself in the me I know I am (and was) instead of continuing to step into monster-land. Parts of who I’ve become worry me, others have me completely disappointed in myself, and still others I simply do not like and no longer want as part of my being.

So Happy early New Year, and here’s to a pivotal year! Have you been thinking about your word for the year? What ideas have you come up with?

©Pip Miller – December 2014