Day 3 of #writealm November prompts.

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Energy healing, as from a distance in this ©Osho Zen tarot card, fills the client with harmony, bringing them peace and respite from pain. The chakras spin more freely, dislodging the energies that were keeping them stuck, aligning again in perfect harmony.

©Pip Miller – November 2014

ETA: the ever-brilliant Alice de Sturler came up with the phrase “healing harmony”, and with permission is going to be a new hashtag for me!

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  1. Healing harmony … that describes my morning, Pip. Just had a wonderful yoga practice by my favourite instructor and now … writing!

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    1. Pip says:

      Oooh, “healing harmony”…I like that!

      One day I may take up yoga. 😉

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    2. Pip says:

      May I use that phrase?

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      1. Pip says:

        Thank you!!! It’ll become a new hashtag for my healing work! You’re brilliant. 🙂



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