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Rebel Pagan, Rebel Healer Part 2

©Pip Miller
My healing ‘tools’.

In my last post I mentioned I’d write about being a rebel healer, but maybe ‘rebel’ is a bit strong. Not so much a rebel as simply…different.

I’ve talked before about the ways in which I do distance sessions differently than most energy healers: no crystals in the room, I don’t need the person’s true name (or a name at all, actually), no picture is needed, permission is not needed – if it’s not meant to work, it won’t. It’s that easy. I don’t cleanse with salt, meditate ahead of time, need a silent space…none of the things that we’ve come to believe are necessary to help others.

I didn’t start out trying to be a rebel healer, it just kind of happened. I quickly learned that I could do it any where and any time, interruptions and conversation didn’t matter, and the more I help people, the better I not only feel, but I’m pumped up and excited to keep the flow going.

There are some quotes I’d saved along the way from or about other rebel healers, but somehow they’ve gotten lost over time. One was from Judith Orloff’s book Second Sight about either her mom or her grandmother doing energy healing and chatting away with the client, having done the work so long that she knew it would take care of itself (or something along those lines; trying to remember). I find that the more I focus on what I’m doing, the less it seems to help the person. Which, I’ve discovered recently, can be a bit of an issue during in-person sessions in my space because my old “I’m not good enough” mental tape starts running and I worry so much that at times I feel I’ve done a terrible job because I blocked the flow with my stress over doing well. Not good. But when I’m busy, say at work, and I take a few minutes to help a headache or someone’s pain, I’m sufficiently otherwise occupied that the flow is strong and the person is always surprised at how much better they feel in such a short period of time. So I’m a rebel in the way I do best at allowing Spirit to do its work – the less attention, the better. Not normal, right?

In Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection, there’s a chapter titled “Setting the Tone” that hit so close to home that I literally was yelling to my guy, “This, this!!!” as I read it, most especially the sub-chapter “The Hidden Fear in Our Rituals”, wherein he speaks about the crystals, protection, candles, jewelry, etc, and he finishes it with this lovely little bit:

“Tissue – to dry your tears from either laughing so hard at some of this that you blow out your candles, or from crying when you accidentally kill your flowers by placing them in the salt water you were supposed to shake your hands off into…and the prayers don’t bring them back.” Can you say Rebel Healer? 😉

I went into this not believing that I could make a difference, and so even though I worked in an environment that believes quite fiercely in the ‘rituals’ and ‘musts’ of how to do energetic healing, I just did what felt right and ignored the rest. I mean really, how many healers do you know that sit outside with a teddy bear, chatting to the birds and the neighbors while sending Light 1/2 way around the world?

And it works. Quite well. Sometimes very powerfully, sometimes more subtly, but it always works on some level. Of this I am now certain. So I shall continue to be a rebel healer, doing my own thing even when others still tell me that ‘on some level you are taking stuff in from others and you need to protect yourself from it’. I believe that Spirit knows what it’s doing, and if I needed protection to help others, then why would Spirit make what I do so easy? Wouldn’t there be stumbling blocks to the healing until I learned that I need to do this or do that in order for it to work? Since there aren’t (except those in my own head), I’m quite happy letting Spirit take the lead and leaving all the rest for others.

I know there have to be more rebel healers out there…are you one? In what way? Let’s spread the word! Rebel Healers Unite! 😉

©Pip Miller – August 2014

5 thoughts on “Rebel Pagan, Rebel Healer Part 2

  1. It’s funny as I don’t think of it as being a rebel at all, I just believe you have let go of all the obstacles a lot of others cling to and therefore you work your magic. The rest of us that have issues still haven’t quite learnt to let everything go and just be.

    I find I can communicate better when I am otherwise distracted – say having a conversation, and I will have the urge to suddenly say things that have been communicated to me for the person I’m talking to (I am talking to another like me, not just a random “civilian” when this happens, although it has been known to happen but I will not quite react the same way with the information!).

    If I suddenly come out with “Aunt Greeta is doing fine but is handing you a bunch if pink roses.” My companion will say “that’s good, thank you.” And our interrupted conversation will continue until one of us gets something else to communicate. (Obviously that’s just a really random example!)

    Another example happened this Wednesday, I was sitting in my circle and was aware there was a gentleman around to visit one of the others. I had been trying all evening to ask him why he was there, who he was there for etc, anything to get a start on the communication. I just saw him stood next to the lady to my right and apart from seeing him run off to get a camera in the initial meditation we did at the beginning that was it.
    Well I had to try and get someone to tell me they could take him so I spent the next few minutes getting questioned by a few more experienced members and I would get the answers each time more or less floated to me like they were my answers rather than “being told” them like I normally get the information. I was really struggling but was helped by these others talking to me to distract me somewhat. It turns out that the gentleman hadn’t long been in spirit so was new to the communication part and I hadn’t been in the situation before so didn’t realise this. Now it makes sense to me, he wasn’t using his “voice” but was more telepathically delivering the answers to the questions as he hadn’t quite worked out how to do it any other way yet.

    Luckily for me I got the evidence the other member needed to work out who he was and was thrilled with what I had given her. As I’m the newbie in the circle everyone was complimenting me which reinforced that I can do it I just needed to work out a few different ways to get the information across, particularly when the communication is coming fairly soon to their departure.

    Hope all that makes sense, I’ve just got in from work so I’m not sure if it’s as coherent as it should be but I think it’s basically there! Keep up the great work Pip x


  2. It is coherent. 🙂 I had no idea you are a medium! That’s so cool!!

    “I just believe you have let go of all the obstacles a lot of others cling to and therefore you work your magic. The rest of us that have issues still haven’t quite learnt to let everything go and just be.” I love this! I think that by going in having zero expectations, I bypassed a lot of the obstacles, and then when others began telling me what should/shouldn’t happen/be done, the ego obstacle popped up big time. Of all the darned obstacles I wish most of all would have stayed away, that one is it. 😉

    You’ll have to tell me more about your abilities!!



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